Burlesque by Lola Games

Lolagames , novelties , pasties , tickler

Taking inspiration from the cabaret theme, the Lola Games brand team has created the Burlesque collection.


Russian version

The new Burlesque collection from Lola Games features 7 varieties of pasties, nipple stickers and dainty little ticklers.

Pasties are an original accessory that diversifies the intimate life of a couple and attracts the attention of a partner. They are made of quality materials, fit nicely to the body and can be used several times. Pasties can be used as an intimate accessory during foreplay or as a bold addition to an outfit, for example, at a party. In the collection you can find pasties in the shape of a star, heart, decorated with tassels, sequins, rhinestones and even thorns. Nipple stickers are made in the form of small rhinestones connected with an adhesive base. They will also serve as a great addition to an erotic outfit.

Small ticklers from the Burlesque collection will help you to truly reveal your sensuality. The ticklers are made of acrylic and delicate feathers and are available in two colors: red and black.

More details about new items from this collection can be viewed on the official Youtube channel of the company.