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The author of the telegram channel Alpha | Like Adults has tested a toy that will soon appear in Russia.


Text: Alpha | Like adults

Russian version

Dame is one of the few companies whose goods I have long wanted to have in my collection. The company was founded by two friends and they are experts: Alexandra Fine has a sexology education, Janet Lieberman specializes in engineering. And sex toys of brands run by women, according to my experience, are, on average, more interesting in design, more carefully thought out and better made. Not to mention the more ethical behavior of the company itself.

A few years ago, Dame's flagship toy, Eva, created a stir – no one had previously thought of attaching a vibrator directly to the vulva. Then came a vibrotool for fingers called Fin, which also turned out to be a good solution. In general, when I was asked to test a new development of Dame, a vibrator and a stimulator of the G-spot called Arc, I simply could not agree more.

What is in the box?

Arc packaging is visually laconic and slightly hints at the times when sex toys were sold under the guise of medical devices: the outline silhouette of the toy itself is depicted on a rectangle in blue and white tones and three short inscriptions in English – brand, model, purpose of the item (“a vibrator for the G-spot”). The company does not try to bribe me with either luxury or sensuality; after all, a sex toy is just a tool. And this directness appeals to me.

Inside the cardboard case there is a box, pale blue to match the color of the toy. Under its cover in a plastic box is the device itself, and one level below is a nice linen bag for storage, a charging wire and a manual in English.

Basic information

Unlike the super-original Eva, Arc is a fairly classic G-spot stimulator: a smooth arc with a dedicated head and handle controls. But there is also a signature detail of the brand: the beak on the head, which can be seen on both the Fin and the Pom. Since it is a medical grade silicone, the tip is soft and won't hurt you. But more on that below. Arc has two shades: my soft blue called Ice, and there is also a pastel coral version called Berry. The silicone is not cast, there is a barely noticeable seam and an ins ert made of abs-plastic, where the magnetic charging contacts are visible. The assembly of different materials does not prevent the device fr om being waterproof; however, the manufacturer for some reason does not state the exact indicator in the form of an IP-code. However, since the manual says “waterproof” and not “splash proof”, feel free to take Arc with you to the bathroom. Soap and cool water are enough for washing, but you cannot boil it. In general, keep your toy away from extreme temperatures.

Charging, I repeat, is magnetic. During charging, the diode on the handle blinks, when charging is complete, it starts to shine evenly. If you plug Arc in to an adapter, from wh ere other gadgets are charged, the vibrator may flicker even after charging, so be aware: it fully charges in 2 hours. This is enough for 1.5 hours of use at maximum power, but remember, lithium-ion batteries should never be completely discharged.

Dimensions: height 19 cm, width (head) 3.5 cm. Weight – 103 g.


Arc controls are well thought out. There are two depressions on the handle, under which three buttons are hidden: switching on\off, switching modes and regulating power, and the “stronger” button was highlighted with a convex circle. Everything is easily found without looking and easily pressed with fingers slippery from grease. There is a button lock in case of a trip, and the block is removed by connecting the device to a charger, so be sure to take a wire with you on the road. The easiest way is to keep it in the same bag as the toy itself.

There is only one motor, it is located somewhere under the head and does not recoil much to the handle. But there is something strange with the vibrations of the motor: initially booming, at maximum power, they become dramatically more superficial, flatter. However, the penultimate level differs from the maximum only slightly, so you can stop at it. As for the vibration force, for the inserting toy (even for the one so elegant) it is very moderate. It is likely that the designers of the model deliberately created it for sensitive natures.

The form is also specific. Remember when I said about the branded “beak” on the head? It is topped with a silicone cushion, can be easily pushed under the finger and feels good on the clitoris. But upon penetration, this sharp little corner is really felt – and I don't like this feeling, even despite my love for embossed toys. It is believed that the vagina is insensitive, and compared to the head of the clitoris, this is certainly true; and yet I felt like Arc was scratching me a little – not painful, but still causing discomfort. The bending angle did not suit me either, and neither for stimulating the G-zone, nor for stimulating the A-zone. We are all different, and, unfortunately, sometimes the shape of a particular device is simply not for you.

Now for the good things. There are five modes, the same power levels, a total of twenty-five settings. And Arc's pattern selection is extremely good. Firstly, there is an optimal number of them, there is plenty to choose from and you won't get confused. Secondly, there are no intricate “patterns” of vibration: even vibration, “wave”, rolling and sharp decline, dotted line – all is simple and clear to the body, reliable options. Thirdly – and this is the most important thing that I liked about the toy – the chaotic vibration mode. This feature has appeared relatively recently and so far, it clearly increases the price of a sex gadget, but for many of us, unpredictability adds pleasure in sex. Before that only people were unpredictable in affection (and even then – not everybody), but now toys are also learning this. Yes, it is possible that uneven stimulation delays orgasm, but it seems to me that slowly building an orgasm makes it more interesting to experience. And the chaotic impact should also appeal to those who like to transfer control over their pleasure.

The noise at the maximum power also increases in a strange way – up to 68dB, and the rest of the Arc loudness is at an average level, about 40+ dB. For some reason, an increase in power does not affect the volume too much, and the noise is perceived by the ear as if it is quieter than the application shows. Apparently, it is because of the motor.

Measured using the Sound Meter mobile application.

Who it is for

Arc is suitable for those who love delicate external influences, are not afraid of embossed vaginal toys, as well as for those who are looking for a rare device with a “chaotic” mode.

It is unlikely for people who prefer a feeling of fullness, those who want a quiet or truly versatile sex gadget. Arc cannot be used anally.


An elegant toy with an almost unique function, but specific in use.

Where to buy it

It seems that Arc is not available yet in Russian sex shops. When it appears, it will presumably cost about 9 thousand rubles.

The toy was provided for a test drive by the manufacturer with the assistance of