An anonymous female client's report

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Our female reader has shared her excitement and impressions after having bought Satisfyer 2 Next Generation.


Provided the author's consent, her report is published below

I can't help sharing a comment on the new sex toy! When I was at a sex shop, what caught my eye was a shelf with all sorts of stuff, I am used to calling them "vacuums", including several types of womanizers, satisfyers and other pieces of similar shape.

The girl at the counter was shy, but I insisted that she should tell me about them, recalling, at the same time, the opinions I had happened to come across, that made me like satisfyers very much. The first toy I was shown (I can't recall its name) was actually a vacuum, a clitoral sucker, vibrating lightly. Once I have touched it, I realised that my delicate clitoris will be hurt and far from pleased. Then, the vendor switched on a satisfyer, more precisely, Satisfyer 2, and I could not have left the store without buying it!

This is a bomb! Note you are talking to a person who got more than one orgasm on the eve! This piece emits pulsing waves of air, being so delicate and soft. As if you felt someone's lips pressed to your skin and saying "poof".. You'd think they are just air waves.. Not a big deal. Though... It is pretty cool, the favorite big-size vibrators are loosing their score!

I've got a delicate clitoris, so gentle that it is impossible to be caressed with fingers. Even my husband is rarely allowed to make me a cunni-just a single wrong movement, and it hurts so much I can't even think of sex. That is why I can hardly ever enjoy having clitoral stimulation.

And, with this toy, being so gentle.. The sweetest lips of the vibrator, the softest air waves.. All you need is pressing the toy's lips to the clitoris, and go getting high.

The clitoris is not hurt, because no friction is made. But the sensations don't stay behind, I couldn't hold on long, (despite of the fear of being injured, that is really amazing)!

The climax came at the first attempt, and it was so incredibly strong, considering the fact that I didn't even reach the vibrator's maximum intensity. Even as a part of the experiment, I did not-the orgasm had already covered me.

Afterwards, with great surprise, I found my clitoris being perfectly well. A pretty little thing, "smiling dreamlike, recalling the day before".

Some other advantages: it is easy to clean, (just taking off the lips and rinsing it with water). It looks nice, (it is not so easy to know this is a sex toy, it looks more like a beauty device). There are downsides too: it is fed by batteries, the buttons are awkward, (you can hardly feel the keys when you are pre-orgasmic, so you'd better keep holding a finger on + button, switching it off is a problem).

Summarizing the above, I really recommend the toy for the girls with delicate clitorides. So do I for those with non-delicate ones. The ad was not a fake, the orgasm is garanteed, even when it is not sought for, (I didn't even think of it, but the curiosity took the top).

I think, my search for a perfect clitoral toy is finished. Thanks for your attention.

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