A Spicy Plug

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Test drive of the novelty from “Lola Toys” – an anal plug with vibration from the “Spice it up” line.


© Nikolaeva Ekaterina

Russian version

It was unexpected and very pleasant to receive from sexshopers.ru for testing a novelty from Lola Toys an anal plug. “Excellence” from the “Spice it up” line. Until recently, I have only read the news about these toys on the portal and now I myself have one.

The Spice it up collection – two-in-one- includes anal stimulators with vibro-bullets. The suggestive name of the toy, "Excellence ", corresponds to quality: it is made of velvety medical silicone, without a single junction or roughness, approximated by anatomical shape, very comfortable and lightweight, the vibro-bullet is made of plastic. The weight of the cork itself is 46 grams, with a vibro – bullet it is 64 grams, with a battery – 76 grams. The length to the stopper is 12 cm, the diameter of the widest part is 3.2 cm. The vibropule is powered by a single AAA battery.

Without a vibro-bullet, a toy can even be used for some time just for wearing, in anticipation of games. The toy is light and flexible so you can move around and sit with it inside. In general it feels like a very pleasant little thing, it adds good sensations with double penetration and, due to its elegance, does not cause any discomfort, especially after orgasm (I usually want an emptiness from all sides after orgasm with double stimulation).

Vibration. The first three modes are continuous vibrations in increasing order, the remaining seven are different patterns. I do not really like patterns, so I was satisfied with the second and the third speed. There is one button on the vibro-bullet, the modes switch in a circle, a long press leads to turning off the device. The vibration inside feels very well. Playing solo, you can lie on your stomach and place the vibro-bullet along the labia, the vibration will perfectly excite even the clitoris. By the way, I tried, for the sake of interest, a toy inside the vagina – it is not particularly interesting, although if you place the vibro-bullet across directly under the clitoris, it’s excellent for warming up, but it’s impossible to reach orgasm like that. The vibration didn’t seem very quiet to me: at the most powerful revs, the noise level reaches 60 dB, although basically it stays at around 50 dB all the time.

So about the vibro-bullet. I took it out of the toy from the tenth attempt. For the first time I nearly broke my nails. It sits very tightly in the silicone. I tried it with grease, and under water ... I was already desperate even, but in the end it got out! Well, it is a simple vibro-bullet, nothing special, although it might be interesting for a less sophisticated user like me to play with it. I was interested in the fact of getting it out, since such an option was announced by Lola Toys. Yes, shoving it back (not a plug, but a vibrating bullet) turned out to be quite a quest. It is important to pull out the battery, otherwise the bullet will inevitably turn on while you are putting it into the stopper.

In general, the toy is good and pleasant. The only drawback is the lack of a storage bag. In my opinion, in addition to magnetic charging, a bag for storing sex toys is a must-have.

“Spice it up” from “Lola Toys” will appeal to both solo and paired games, of course, this particular model – “Excellence” – due to its length will suit more experienced users. Although, its design allows you to use not all divisions at once, so that you can, so to speak, take it “for growth”.