The bill on the online drug sales

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The government supported the draft law of the Russian Ministry of Health, on the distance sales of self-administered drugs of medical and veterinary purposes.


At the government session on October, 5th of 2017, the prime minister, Dmitriy Medvedev, reported that Russian drugstores would finally get the authorization to sell self-administered drugs on the Internet. To get this authorization, the establishment must have a license for pharmaceutical activity.

Prescription drugs, narcotic drugs, as well as psychotropic substances, will be sold on the existing terms. Those websites that are not observing these drug trade regulations, will be put into the blacklist of the State Register of Prohibited Resources, being immediately blocked by their service providers.

Roszdravnadzor will issue licenses for the remote selling of the substances of medical purpose, and will also take supervising measures within this sphere. Another body, Rosselkhoznadzor, will regulate the sales of veterinary supplies.

At present, under the "Law on the circulation of medical products", both distance payment and selling are prohibited. The buyers can only form a pre-order on the Internet, but to receive the ordered item, they have to go to the drugstore in person. The exceptions are the deliveries to war veterans, labour vets and other citizens, receiving some kind of allowances. Such delivery is not prohibited nowadays.

As the adult goods industry agents say, the adoption of this particular law will make it possible to sell certified BAAs through the Internet, the thing that has been prohibited untill now.