The ETO show hosts Orgie

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The booth is decorated with colorful boxes, bottles and tubes. Massimo Artioli tells us the story of the company and their products.


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Tell me about your company, please.

Orgie is only 1 year old, it is a very young company. We originate from Brazil. Our Brazilian know-how went to Portugal, so, the production is from Portugal. We offer different products for couples, for women and for men, of course . So, we are concentrated on couples and women. Our new products are based on hemp, they are tingling ones and lube tubes. We like to play with taste and flavor. That’s why we are called “Orgie”. “Orgie” means “orgy of flavor and taste”.

We have some products that are running very well, like Orgasm Drops, this product is based on mint flavor. The idea is that the couple should play together. The partner puts some product on his female partner’s lips, kisses the woman and she gets hot and excited.

Other product that we’d like to note is The Secrets. It is a pheromone perfume. The good thing is that it is not only for the body, it is for the whole body: the intimate zones, the hair... This perfume has very nice taste.

If I try this perfume, I will get extremely attractive for the men on the exhibition, will not I?

Be careful! [laughter].This is a very dangerous product for the exhibition! For home it is good, though.

We make natural products, with natural ingredients, like vegetable oil with different perfume and flavor in our lube tubes: chocolate, cotton oil, candy, sugary. We like to make people happy and we like to make them enjoy sex!

Is it your first time at the ETO show?

Yes, it is. It is our first arrival at the ETO. We exhibited on another exhibition, in Germany.

What do you like about this particular exhibition?

The good thing is that this show is local for the UK market, it is very good to be here because one can have new contacts in this particular market. We have a colleague based in Ireland to take care of the Irish market, so, for us it is good to be here and talk to our clients, to see each other as we are a new company. We have a new product every month and here we can show our new products, our ideas and we can also get some feedback from the clients. That’s very important for us!

Do you cooperate with any of the Russian companies?

With the company “Andrey” it is a long story. I was in Moscow in October, last year. I was at an exhibition there, it was very interesting to see that the Russian market is so powerful and very open! I liked it and I liked the exhibition very much. And the following month we started to be an exclusive partner of “Andrey” and now they are going to take care of our products. So, we are very happy to be involved into the Russian market.

Now people can buy our products in Russian, from the “Andrey” company.

Thank you!