Penile prosthesis surgery, covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance

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In 2017, the government extended the list of medical items, made to be implanted into the human body, as part of the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) programme.


The phalloprosthetics is a surgery comprising the introduction of an artificial implant into the pennis. Such surgery is prescribed as a treatment to certain conditions where their consequences have deprived a man of his capability to carry out an intercourse. After the penile prosthetics, such capability returnes to the patient. Moreover, the patient's sex life can even improve as now the erection is under control.

The modern range of prostheses includes such types as rigid, semi-rigid and hidraulic, or, in other words, inflatable ones. The latter is the most comfortable type for the man, as it can give sensations, very similar to the natural ones during an intercourse.

One of the reasons, why this kind of surgery is rather rare in Russia, is due to the high cost of both the prosthesis and the surgery. Such surgery is completely covered by the health care plan in the USA and Europe. The possibility of having such surgery free of charge has come to Russia lately, within the CHI.

As for the Compulsory Health Insurance programme's extended list of the medical items to be implanted into the human body, 23 products are additionally included, and 21 of them are considered to be solutions for preparing a surgery, or the ways to avoid postoperative complications after the surgical interventions, or, merely, have to do with the delivery, fixation and retrieval of the medical items from the human body. By now, the rigid prostheses for the pennis and the testicles have joined the list.