The registration of a legal entity, no office space is obligatory

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The government has approved the possibility of registering a non-office legal entity, reported the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maksim Oreshkin.


The issue was arised on the session of the Chair of the presidential council for strategic development and priority projects, within the discussion on the project of developing of small and medium-sized enterprises, held under the leadership of the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

We are talking about the possibility of setting up a legal entity, either based on the bank system or other organizations, with the peg to a mail box, or based on the electronic service.

'As for the legitimate address, it means a tectonic shift within the corporate legislation. It implies the whole system's relocation in accordance with the reality of modern digital economics', underlined the Prime Minister.

A significant simplification of a new business registration is supposed, with zero duty for those companies who opt fot being registrated electronically. The banks are ready to provide the possibility of opening the account and setting the basical range of services free of charge.

'Such a visible cost decrease down to zero will make it significantly easier to set up a new business. It will also create positive dynamics upon the startups', said Mr.Oreshkin.

Beyond that, the administration of loans with the interest rate of 6.5% for small and medium enterprises is to start in February. A new resource, called 'Business environment' will be launched, where both the banks and the companies will be able to provide service for small businesses.

'The decision on supporting all these initiatives has been currently made. The necessary legal amendments will be made in the nearest future', concluded the Prime Minister, stressing that the latters can come into force before the year ends.

On the evidence of  Vedomosty daily and Interfax agency.