Sexshops in social media

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In the last several months the news about the tightening of rules regulating Facebook have been actively discussed on the Internet.


A new part named "Sexual harassment" was added to Chapter III of this social network's publishing Rules about "Objectionable content". In this part, there is a detailed list of all the restrictions related to specific scenes of sex or naked bodies, either shown or described, and anything that might hint at proposals of sexual nature, even the most subtle. 

These sanctions are considered to be part of the campaign against sexual violence. This is very important as social media often become the place where people start relating, this is an way to gain confidence. However, when it comes to such issues, there is a risk of going too far, leading the situation to the point of absurdity.  

The new regulations are introducing such concepts as “explicit” and “implicit” sexual harassment. And while the explicit form needs no additional comments, the implicit form defined as "mentioning sexual intercourse within one or several statements of erotic subtext" can be assigned to many types of behavior. Particularly, the list of the content that is now banned for publishing includes non-specific statements with sex-related implications, provocative slang, the mentioning of sexual role-playing, postures, fetishist screenplay, sexual preferences, sexual arousal and actions of sexual type (for example, penetration or self-satisfaction), the sex-related parts of body (including breast, crotch zone and glutes) and the hygienic condition of the genitals and glutes. 

This list can be extended further. Still, the mentioned above seems to be sufficient to realize that any account related to adult goods manufacturing or sales is now under threat, as everything that is published in such accounts immediately falls within one or several points listed in the new regulations. Neither the legitimacy of the activity led by firms or sole proprietors, nor the absence of any sexual provocation can guarantee your Facebook page from being banned. 

It is worth mentioning the fact that this kind of restrictions is expanded for the messenger chats and other social networks belonging to the same owner, including Instagram. Moreover, the micro blogging service-Tumblr- that used to be one of the basic platforms for publishing private intimate videos and photos has recently banned the content "for adults". 

What is the solution for an ordinary sexshoper since these restrictions and censorship have been adopted?

Come to visit us more often on You can discuss the publications in the Comments section right now. In the nearest future, we are going to set up a forum meant to become a certain alternative for professional chatting in social media. In the long term, we will possibly run a system of blogs or even a social network of our own where the content with sexual implication (not infringing the law nor calling for violence, of course) will be welcome!