What brands does Soho Wellness work with?

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We visited the Soho Wellness wholesale company to see and touch the new brands.

Interviewed by: Marina Chicheva
Photo and video: NuArt Studio

Russian version

The meeting in front of the cameras consisted of two parts: serious and “touching”.

Part 1. Serious

To begin with, we spoke with the founder of the company, Jacob Treskov. The full interview can be found in the video at the end of the article, and here are selected quotes.

How is working in the adult products industry different from your usual experience?

Jacob Treskov: Today the fashion business is very transparent. I would say “very white” in terms of compliance with all requirements, both formal and informal, and, of course, very global, everyone knows each other, there are no secrets. The sex toy industry turned out to be a very closed industry in every way. People don't want to share, people often refuse without explanation. This is strange for me, because we want to work at mistakes. And giving us feedback, a person gets the opportunity to get a better product for more acceptable money. And yet, people don’t do it.

You have been in the adult market for almost a year now. Probably, you can already sum up some results?

Our significant results:
a) we signed contracts with 12 brands that are either not represented at all on the Russian market, or are presented in a very limited number;
b) we launched an Internet project;
c) we made a merchandising program with Alexander Tsypkin;
d) we made an agreement with the Golden Apple and we are moving towards ensuring that our product appears on their shelves.

What do you expect to achieve in another year?

First of all, I expect that our product or our brand lines will appear in large quantities in Non Adult stores, in electronics stores, in beauty-related stores, in lingerie stores. For me it looks a little childish if a guy is 30-40 years old, and he wants to give a girl a bouquet or a bear. There are much more interesting gifts with meaning that will be in demand.

Do you think our society is ready for a girl to receive a vibrator with a bouquet of flowers?

I'm not talking about vibrators, I'm talking about experimental kits that allow a person to get in touch with this topic without any rude interference, the opportunity to start a dialogue on this topic.

See the continuation in the video!

Part 2. Touching

In the second part, we talked with the head of the Soho Wellness department, Evgeny Obukhov, who showed us the brands and products that the company imports to Russia.

Lora DiСarlo brand. These are super-tech toys. They will be the most expensive in Russia, not because they are made of gold or silver, but because they are the pinnacle of robotics. The brand was created in 2017 by a team of girls. Inspiration came to them during orgasm. Unusual, isn't it?

The flagship of the brand is a toy called Ose 2, specially designed for mixed orgasms. This is a large and rather weighty construction of a vacuum-wave clitoris stimulator and a G-spot stimulator. It adapts to absolutely any anatomy due to its flexible connection. And the part responsible for the G-spot is equipped with parts that move under the silicone like fingers. (Editor's note: watch the video to see how the toy works).

Brand Je Joue. This is a British brand, one of the coolest on the market. They have a very wide range of vibrators with low frequency motors. The company also studied the body structure of 10,000 women, and they, together with gynecologists and sexologists, created a versatile shape-changing toy.

Unbound brand. Invented by some cool girls from New York. The most unusual toy they have is an 18-karat gold vibrator ring with a powerful motor and a special charging dock. The ring is available in different sizes and the top can be rotated for ease of use. It has several non-standard functions, for example, when you turn the ring on, it starts to vibrate. And you can also tap your rhythm right on the ring, and it will vibrate in this rhythm.

The Bender vibrator is a small, thin and very powerful thing. At the same time, it can bend and get fixed in the shape. Suitable for clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

EDC brand (One-DC). Rozy Gold line made in pink gold. The essence of the line is that they repeated the most recognizable and famous shapes and made them gold. There are wands, rabbits, classic vibrators, etc. in a very stylish design. As well as the well-known PMW20 line of colorful toys.

B Swish brand. This is a brand from California. They have good materials, and they also repeat all the most understandable and favorite forms of toys, but they do it with American quality.

When asked whether the company is afraid that premium-segment toys will not find their buyer in Russia, Evgeny replied: “Yes, there is an opinion that people need cheaper toys. But people get to know cheap toys just to understand, to experiment. And we attract clients who know what they want, who value quality. Such a toy is about loving yourself”.

More details of the toys can be seen in our video!