Unbound Bender Test Drive

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According to the sex blogger Nochnaja Skazka (Night Tale), we have never seen such toys.

Text and photos: Nochnaja Skazka (Night Tale)

Russian version

Sometimes you take a toy, as if it should fit anatomically, but suddenly it turns out that the angle is not the right one, it doesn’t reach or, on the contrary, lies too inconveniently. Therefore, today it is an amazing toy: you yourself decide how to bend it, in which direction and by how many degrees, moreover, it is fixed in the position that you have chosen for it!

The Unbound company is completely new on the Russian market, but they have been known around the world since 2012 and are based in the USA. Their toys are soft pastel colors and have a very unusual look. This is what it means when you want to stand out and attract attention so much that even the famous Vogue magazine called Unbound a company that “determines the future of sexual positivity”.

Bender is a toy that you can easily put in your purse, cosmetic bag and take it wherever you go, so that it is always at hand, and no one will understand what it is, maybe a newfangled sponge for foundation?

How to use? The functionality of the toy is huge:
– first of all, it can be perfectly used in sex with a partner: it is flat enough not to interfere at all, if you need additional stimulation of the clitoris for orgasm at the same time as penetration;
– you can also bend the toy, and now this is a paired toy for getting inside, and there will be room for the partner inside, and vibration will also be transmitted to him;
– you can play in the search for erogenous zones, for example, on the nipples.

The toy is very flexible and obedient, it bends exactly 90 degrees in both directions, remaining in this position and fixing itself. It can be bent even more: it is adaptive and flexible, but it can only be fixed at 90 degrees. The toy can even be bent into a spoon by making a double bend. Actually, absolutely everything so that you get the most useful and convenient pleasure fr om it.

The teardrop-shaped tip also has its own characteristics: on the one hand, it is round, to stimulate the G zone, and on the other hand, it is flat, so as not to put pressure on the partner's penis. This is very thoughtful!

Shape: the toy itself is flat, with a slightly enlarged teardrop-shaped head. The total length is 19 cm, the working length is half as much – 8 cm.

Management: one button for everything. Just press and the magic kicks in. It is easy to feel in the dark: it has a relief in the form of the initials of the company.

Sound / noise: the manufacturer assures that the toy is very quiet, in fact, it is not quite so – it is buzzing. Even when the legs are tightly closed and under the covers, you can hear it. As if the phone rings on vibration. And the stronger the intensity, the stronger the buzzing.

Vibration: deeply penetrating, yet superficial and gentle. There is no feeling that the whole body is numb and sensitivity disappears. No, she's very delicate. Moreover, the whole toy vibrates from head to tail! Well, that is, there is no such thing that vibration is only in the head, no, here it all works, and this greatly expands its functionality! The motor is very similar to the one that is usually placed in vibro bullets.

Modes: a total of 10 different modes along with patterns of different intensities, definitely each owner will find a mode for himself, there is plenty to choose from. There are very weak patterns, and there are incredibly powerful ones.

Waterproof: the toy can be taken with you to the shower and drowned in the bathroom.

Included: very bright, elastic holographic case and magnetic charging.

Bottom line: a very unusual and interesting shape that allows you to use the toy in absolutely different styles of play - from foreplay to intense sex. I really enjoyed using it to search for erogenous zones all over the body, both on me and on a man. This is a very interesting sensation. Perfect for those who do not understand what shape the toy is needed, what anatomically adaptive means, and wh ere erogenous zones generally live.

Unbound Bender was provided to the blogger for a test by the online store vsexshop.

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