Vincent González (Concorde, France) interviewed on Thaifest-2019

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The language gap was not an obstacle for our special reporter to have a talk with agents of the company that supplies such brands as Plaisir Secret, MyFirst and others.



Russian people are familiar with your company's products. A personal question: how did you end up in this business?

It was not my choice, the business itself chose me.

How did it happen?

I met a person who had started this kind of business in France, so it must have been a simple coincidence.

What do your relatives and your family think of your job?

People either accept this sphere or not. In my family everybody accepts it, so I am lucky. It might be due to the fact that I do nothing wrong, this is a legal kind of business, my family is strict about such things. As for my larger environment, they think this business is worth respect.

Do you like the format of this particular event?

It is ok, the event is well organised. Here, the eye-to-eye contact is possible thanks to a limited space, this fact is crucial for the presentation of products. The clients are focused on business, we have spare time to speak to every one of them and highlight certain points. Such contact would be impossible in a big hall or store.

Do you enjoy your cooperation with "Astkol-Alfa"?

I really appreciate this collaboration. We managed to become one of their key partners in a short term. So far, It has been some kind of friendship and good relations between the two bosses, in the first place, and the two companies that trust each other. Business remains to be business, but apart there is a relation between people that is warm and good.

Would you like to say some words to your Russian customers?

We did a great deal of work to provide our clients with the products they demand. We thank everyone who trusts us, we thank them for choosing our company!