VI International conference Adult Profi

conference , training

On the 18th of May VI International conference for professional participants of adult toys industry Adult Profi will be held by Inspirit Company LLC.


Traditionally the conference will be held as round-table discussions. Participants can check out latest trends and meet all professionals of industry. Last year more than 100 guests from 50 online and offline retail stores attended the event. Spokesman from different brands, like Lola Games, Indeep, Wet, G-vibe (ex. FUN TOYS), А-Polimer (Love toy), BDSM Arsenal, HOT и Skamata were ready to answer any questions.

During breaks the visiting speaker will read a lecture on a topical issue. For example, the main sexologist of the country A.M.Poleev talked about the influence of the trainings with sex toys on the sensibility of genitals last year. Also in previous years obstetrics and gynecology doctor T.Rumyantseva talked about adult toys from the medical point of view and urologist and andrologist V.G.Gladishev spoke about men’s health and sex toys usage. 

Besides, standing buffet is the perfect for sharing impressions with colleagues and for a giveaway. All guests will get personal certificates at the end of the event.