Vegan condoms by Glide

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Jan M. Zenker was talking about the company’s products at the ETO show.


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Tell me about your products, please. Can you offer anything extraordinary?

You can take one condom as a sample, this one is from the flavored range, White Berry.

This condom is of regular size, and this one [showing] is of a larger size: of 60 mm, it is called Supermax. People in Southern Europe prefer the bigger ones because most of them have got bigger penises than in Northern Europe. That’s why condoms of larger size are always on demand. 

This is not the biggest condom on the market, but it is the biggest we have. It is usually sold well in Southern Europe: Spain, Italy… They like the 60mm-condoms.

Oh, it is curious! What else?

We sell vegan condoms. What does it mean? It means that neither animal byproducts nor regular latex are used in condoms. The casein that is usually taken into the production is substituted by sisal extract, so the condom is 100% vegan. The same for the flavors and the colors we use in different types of condoms. 

Do you work with any of the Russian market players?

Unfortunately, we don’t. Russia is quite difficult at the moment as we are based in Germany. There are a lot of political problems that are not very good for trade. We’d like to expand into Russia as well, to include Russia into our list of partners but it is not possible so far. I mean, we have some small companies buying from us there but they are very small. 

Is your first time at the ETO show?

Yes, it is our first time here.

Which adult industry exhibitions do you attend on a regular basis?

As a rule, we go to eroFame, held in Germany, Hannover. We have been exhibiting for six years now. I would say that eroFame is bigger than ETO, around six times bigger, but the number of visitors is nearly the same: small businesses, wholesalers… This one is quite like a family reunion. Half of these exhibitors are at eroFame every year as well. This one is a bit smaller, a bit cozier. For us, Britain is an interesting market and we don’t want to lose it as a market. Especially after Brexit, so we need to build a larger customer base here. 

What is your aim here at ETO?

I expect to have a new distributor for our products in the UK who can supply condoms to our current customers here. 

Who can use the Glide products? What is your target audience?

The Glide products are for vegans. But they can also be used by non-vegans.