Personal acquaintance with Sagami

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Our author Danila compared polyurethane condoms with their latex “competitors”.

Text and photo: Danila

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2021 is here already, and I just got acquainted with the Japanese brand Sagami. This is not because of the unavailability of the product or poor marketing, but rather because of my attitude towards condoms in general. Despite understanding the importance and necessity of contraception, it somehow happened that I minimized the use of these rubber products. The main reason, of course, is sensitivity, or rather its lack.

As a matter of fact, that's why I paid attention to the product that I had on the test. According to the manufacturer, condoms are much thinner than conventional ones and are made of polyurethane, while the rest are mostly made of latex. How they will show themselves in practice, I decided to find out.

After several uses, I can say for sure – I will use it! Therefore, if with a condom, then only with Sagami. Let's go through the pros and cons. Since this is not latex, the condom does not stretch very much, but this problem can be solved by choosing “your” size (fortunately, the sizes are different). But, as a matter of fact, the cons are over.

On the plus side: yes, they really do have a higher sensitivity than other condoms. It depends on the thermal conductivity or on the thickness – I don’t know, I’m just stating a fact. Condoms also feel fine with lubrication, are oil-free and fit well.


If we compare Sagami with latex, then all the differences are visible from the first use. More sensitive at times, we men feel every micron, especially with this organ. Latex are more viscous, yes, but is this function necessary if you can choose your own size from polyurethane? If you compare the lubrication, then the points are divided equally. There is a sufficient amount that does not require supplementation. And without brute force, which would cause discomfort.


The Japanese know how to do it! Now I set myself the goal of trying the entire line of this brand. And the choice there, I can tell you, is good. And in thickness, and with different tastes and with chips for putting on. In general, there will be something to entertain yourself.

I'm sure there are men among the readers who haven't tried this brand yet, so I highly recommend following my lead. Well, I’ll go and buy something, perhaps!

With love, Danila!

Sagami condoms are provided by Kazanova69.

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