Training from the company Kazanova 69

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The training for retailers was held in the «Champs Elysees» business lounge of the Holiday Inn in Moscow.

Russian version

On the last day of winter, February 29, a b2b training from the Kazanova 69 company was held in Moscow.

The training was held in a format that has already become traditional – at each round table there is a presentation of the manufacturer. The training was attended by the representatives of Bathmate, Liberator, Bijoux Indiscrets, MyStim and Orion. At the signal of the gong, the viewers move to the next table and listen to a new presentation.

Maxim Terentyev, the head of the wholesale sales department of Kazanova 69 in Moscow: “This training is intended primarily for sellers of retail stores so that they can get acquainted with the goods and manufacturers. You know, we are more focused on deliveries from Europe and the USA, which in the current situation with the coronavirus plays in our favor, because our manufacturers have not yet informed us that they are having difficulties with deliveries or production. Everything is stable. This allows us to compete with manufacturers from China in connection with the current situation.”

Julia Chrysman from Orion told our portal about the news of this month: new pulsators, vibratory balls and a portable sex machine.

Igor Gerasimov from Bathmate held a presentation of the entire updated line of hydraulic pumps.

Sergey Gryaznov from Liberator spoke about the benefits of using pillows for sex.

Christoph Hoffman presented new MyStim toys, and at the table, there were chorused the exclamations of surprise – some of the audience for the first time tried electrical stimulation on their skin.

And finally, Lisa Sananes from Bijoux Indiscrets introduced a series of new products that immediately won the hearts of the Russian customers. In this series there are dry perfumes, edible powder for the body, oils for arousal and massage. According to one of the participants in the training, “This is a real bomb!”

The hall was full, but there was a place for everyone. The organizers also provided a coffee break with a spectacular presentation from the Coffee Shop 18+, and also there was a break for a delicious lunch, and entertainment. At the end of the event, everyone was surprised by the art of the shibari master.

We only have one wish for such events – between the “tables” we still need a little more time for questions and communication.

We sincerely thank the organizers for the excellent training that helps to reduce the distance between manufacturers and sellers!

See photos from the event in the slider, and even more – in our photo gallery!

Kazanovа 69: Training 29.02.2020