ThaiFest: closing up

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Three more trainings took place on the last day of the fest. The participants were given certificates and presents from the festival's partners.


The participants were to attend three trainings on the third day.

Our team started the day at the table of a Canadian company, SHUNGA. Surrounded by the oriental colouring, beautiful pages and incredible scents, the amazing Manon Vallee, and her interpreter, were representing the products. Here, at this table, we witnessed a bright example of how devoted the representatives may be, how they are proud of their products and willing to tell others everything, including the minor details. This brand's massage oils are devided into two groups: the scented ones, not destined to be used on private zones and the edible ones, with natural aroma. A number of creams, votives, gels for erotic massage serve for the prelude, for creating the atmosphere, getting excited and ready for sex. The lubricants TOKO can be either water or silicone-based, some of them are scentless, yet others have a very gentle scent. Either edible or not, both provide light sensations and a very long sliding. Bath salts and body paint are intended to set a frisky mood to fall into the game. Oral lubricants and lip oils that increase the sensations while kissing and oral caressing are worth specific mentioning, as well as the whole range of products for boosting excitement and orgasm. All female visitors left this table given wristbands of pearls. Manon clearly showed the ways of using them!

The table of NS Novelties is bursting with dildos, vibrators, plugs, anal beads of any colour and shape. The Tails collection pleased us with their tailed plugs with smiley faces, the INYA collection surprised us with their vibrators, plugs and realistics made of high-quality long-lasting stuff, compatible with all kinds of lubricants, including silicon-based ones. The male collection Renegade contains some unusually shaped erection rings and anal plugs, while the firefly collection is glow-in-the-dark. The colours wave collection embraces the brightest colour schemes and irresistible shapes, being the rotating vibrator from Inya collection the most impressive toy! Each collection deserves a detailed description to underline how precious its items are. What we liked very much was that the toys with suction cups can be joined together to make new shapes as if they were parts of an erotic costruction kit.

Our team's visiting list was concluded by the table of SVAKOM. It was an embarrassment of riches, so nice their toys are. These are Emma vibrators, supplied with a duck bill-like nozzle (such items were distributed by SVAKOM at the ceremony of American Music Awards, and are planned to be given further at other similar events). There are thin, curved G-point vibrators, Cici and Coco, some vaginal and clitoral vibrators Trysta, Keri, Amy, Adonis, Alice, Daisy-each one being specifically good, while all them are powerful and tender. The egg masturbators, vaginal balls, the anal egg with the remote control... There are so many to choose from. Yet, two novelties caused the biggest impression: Cookie (the octopus) aand Candy (the fish). They are not literally vibrators. Candy can open its mouth, gently biting your earlobe or anything you allow it to. Cookie has got its legs moving, making really hypnotic movements, so you can't wait to try it. Besides, these little things can survive under water, they even came through the Dead Sea, having bathed there once.

In the afternoon, the participants, full of impresssions, gathered to make a collective photo, be given the certificates and presents from the festival's partners. The disco, the champagne and a friendly talk with fellows were waiting for everybody at night. The excursion days with the places of the land with 4-5 thousand years of history were planned ahead.

We are grateful to those who organized the event, the partners and the participants for having made these days unforgettable!