ThaiFest 2021 – Day Two

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All participants were traditionally divided into groups, each of which received its own route. Let's talk about ours.

Text: Marina Chicheva
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

MyStim (Christoph Hofman)

Christoph started his training with the novelty “Oh push me”. This masturbator differs from the previous generation (Opus E) by the absence of electrical stimulation, while the lid of the device can be fixed in different positions, which radically changes the sensation. In most masturbators, the canal is straight, but in this model, the shape of the canal is close to anatomical and depends on the appearance of the model (vagina or anus). The Opus E series of masturbators has undergone changes: now they can be connected to a receiver for remote control of electrical stimulation, and the contacts are automatically attached using magnets. You can also use wired control of the device. The console is capable of transmitting independent signals over eight channels, which allows you to connect up to eight groups of devices.

Christophe demonstrated a butt plug, vaginal balls and a prostate massager with electrical stimulation, and also delighted the participants with the traditional scents of the brand's massage candles.

ORION (Marina Pavlova)

One of the company's new products is the Black Velvet, an anal series of rechargeable toys with remote control and imitation of rimming. The collection includes 4 butt plugs with different effects, a herringbone tree and a dildo that can “make frictions”.

The Couples toys series with dual controls that allow you to independently sel ect patterns and adjust the intensity are also new from the company.

The BDSM brand Vegan Fetish, which we wrote about earlier, was also demonstrated. The case of a “business woman” with a BDSM set impressed the audience especially.

Marina noted that ORION has certified its lingerie brands in accordance with the requirements of the Russian market. We saw really large underwear from Cottelli, the NEK line for men and the premium Alberto Fina collection.

We learned that ORION is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations!

Hot Octopuss (Adam Lewis)

Adam recalled the history of the brand's creation and spoke about the series of male vibrators (gaybrators) with Pulse oscillation technology. Now the fourth generation of this legendary toy has been released. Pulse is available in two versions – Solo and Duo (it adds a second motor on the back of the toy, which makes the device a pair). All toys in this series are available in two versions: Essential (with controls on the toy itself) and Lux (with a wristwatch-shaped remote control).

Another series of toys uses Treble & Bass technology based on the principle of musical waves. The two motors provide low frequency and high frequency vibration and are independently controlled. This series includes: multiple erection vibratory rings, including the Atom model and two Atom plus models with a scrotal grip; flexible prostate stimulator Plex with flex; and also, a stimulator of the Gee Curve point.

Concorde (Christoph Walme)

Most of the training was devoted to the products of the Plaisir Secret brand, which has long been loved in Russia. Huile massage oils, which are called “dry”, were demonstrated. Verified by Sexshopers: No greasy film stays. A set of such oils in a volume of 30 ml can be a great gift.

We also saw and tried on ourselves massage candles in ceramic jugs and a new series of unique edible massage oils. According to Christoph, both these and “dry” oils can be applied to mucous membranes and used with condoms.

Also on display were the products of the Bijoux pour Toi brand – harnesses, chokers, garters, and openwork masks from the Eclipse brand.

Dzhaga-Dzhaga (Andrey Narkunas)

Andrey spoke about the Russian production of goods for adults located in Zelenograd near Moscow and introduced us to the management team of the Astkol-Dzhaga group of companies. At the presentation, we saw the brand's products: realistic dildos, various slings, chokers, harnesses, sex swings and multi-colored wigs. Andrey shared the business benefits of working with a Russian manufacturer.

Biomed-Nutrition (Maxim Kalyatin, Yulia Isachenkova)

Maxim and Yulia presented a new series of premium intimate cosmetics No Taboo of their own production, which includes 4 products: a classic lubricant with silver ions, a lubricant for women with lactobacilli, an anal cream-gel for fisting and an anal lubricant with silver and echinacea ions. Unlike the well-known line of lubricants under the Dzhaga-Dzhaga brand, the No taboo series received premium packaging, air-tight dispensers and highly concentrated composition. In addition, we were shown an anti-cellulite series. In this series, the brand departs fr om its traditional direction (intimate cosmetics) and produces cosmetics for the body and face. The Sexshopers team is already testing new products, join us!

Compared to the previous Thaifest, the variety of the brand's products has increased so much that there was barely enough space on the display table for massage oils and candles, flavoring and classic lubricants. In addition, Biomed Nutrition produces toy powder and toy cleaners.

This productive day ended with board games and dancing to live music. Let's see what happens tomorrow!

Stay tuned!