Thaifest-2021 – Day Three

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Participants took seven trainings each and finished the day at the tennis tables.

Text: Marina Chicheva, Aliona Ryne
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

SVAKOM (Mikhail Starovoit, Yuri Alekseev, Dora Liu)

The presentation of the brand's new products was held in a mixed format: representatives from China communicated with us online, and Mikhail showed the new products. The first to be demonstrated was the Hedy X masturbator egg. These eggs are available in five different patterns and are reversible. Then the participants learned about the new Iker prostate massager, Tulip vibro-bullets, a Robin masturbator, which works without connecting to the application. Most impressive was the demonstration of the new Sam masturbator, which mimics oral stimulation (they used a banana to demonstrate). In addition, we have finally figured out the difference between SVAKOM and Feel Connect apps. At the end of the training, we were able to touch the Phoenix Neo vibrating egg, which is popular with webcam models.

Swiss Navy (Randy Withers)

Randy showed us the products he knew and loved and then moved on to Desire's new line. This line contains the best-selling Swiss Navy products in a new design for women. A completely new product of the company – wet wipes with a cleaner, which allow you to quickly and easily clean both toys and the body. For the first time and only in the Desire line, the company introduced a massage cream. The composition contains coconut and almond oil, which is good for mucous membranes and skin, but is not friendly to latex condoms.

The collection of flavoring lubricants has been replenished with a new amazing taste “Salted Caramel”. Guys, this is a bomb!

Another new collection of the company is 4 in 1, since these products can be used for oral and classic sex, massage and warm-up. There are four great flavors in the collection.

We would like not to use the epithet “awesome” again, but we just couldn’t help it. Another novelty of the brand is a deep blowjob spray. It relaxes the throat muscles and turns off the gag reflex, while the “freeze” is not transmitted to the partner, the spray is quickly absorbed and lasts about 15 minutes.

Satisfyer (Mira Waidelich)

Traditionally, a large number of new products were presented by this popular brand. Mayra recalled that most of the toys work with the Satisfyer connect app, which is indicated by the sticker on the packaging. The application was demonstrated in action, the connection with the toy is fast, the charge level is shown, the user can create their own vibration pattern and share it with other users. Popular patterns have tens of thousands of downloads.

We saw a new point vibrator, an interesting finger vibrator, a pair vibrator, and also learned that a whole pool of new products is being prepared for release.

The company's policy has not changed: the products remain inexpensive so that everyone can afford more than one toy.

Exsens (Natalie Vernin)

The brand was founded in France in 2014. It is one of the brands of the manufacturer Neo Cosmetic. We first saw Exsens a couple of years ago on EroFame, and even then, it became clear that the brand has a great future. The company's philosophy – joy, well-being, lightness – is embedded in every product. The packaging is light and bright, and the products meet the high standards of French perfumery. The French can do it!

We saw already familiar massage oils with natural stones, as well as many new products for the Russian market. Among them: perfume with pheromones and endorphins, lip gloss with a stimulating effect, body oil with glitter. A separate impression was made by edible massage oils with incredible flavors. Coconut – one love! Organic warming foods are sure to appeal to vegans, in the most literal sense.

In addition, the brand's assortment includes products for intimate hygiene.

Our team is absolutely delighted with these products!

Evolved Novelties (Steven Sav, Greg Alves)

Another training session in which we experienced a genuine ecstasy of quality, technology and product ideas. Evolved policy is to be on the user's side. All products are warranted for five years, and the toy will be replaced at the user's request, no matter what happened to it. They are responsible for quality, this is the only company that checks absolutely all toys that came from the factory before they are sent to the stores. The assortment includes 750 items of five brands.

The introduction of each toy began with Steve's question “Are you ready?” and ended with a friendly sigh of surprise from the participants. Powerful vibration? Rotation? A magnetic pendulum inside a toy? Ripple? Auto-supercharging? Anything! There is a feeling that this company is making toys of the future. When we published press releases about these devices, we had no idea what kind of impression they make in reality!

The company provides free testers for stores and replaces them if necessary, also free of charge.

Pipedream (Florian Wittich)

The presentation started with the Hookup collection. The company was first engaged in the production of lingerie. Each box contains unusual panties, to which a small butt plug is attached, designed for long-term wear. Most of the models are black, but there are 4 special occasion models with white panties and turquoise corks.

The absolutely revolutionary glass stoppers with vibration Icicles – the pride of the company – impressed us too. The motor is built into the glass.

The PDX Elite line has a new masturbator with a separate motor to stimulate the scrotum and simulate a blowjob (suction). The King Cock Plus series has been replenished with a new dildo. We liked the transparent masturbator with the original name ViewTube. There are new items in the collection of PDX masturbators, and among the bright vibrators 3Some.

KOKOS (Lee Joo Rak)

The founder of the company reiterated that they never copy toys from other brands. All products are his own design. Among the popular penis tips with an unusual design, there are 6 new options with enlarged heads and pimples, as well as open tips that support erection. Masturbators based on casts from a live model are an absolute novelty of the brand. The first in this series were casts of the Czech model Adel Onahole. Masturbators are being prepared for release based on casts of two Russian models. Our team really liked the material from which these masturbators are made, as well as their miniature copies. The highlight of the masturbators was the autograph of the model.

It was a very exciting day. Final trainings tomorrow. Stay tuned!