ThaiFest: training goes on

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On the second day of the festival, the work at the tables of the companies making sex toys and intimate cosmetics went on.


The second day's morning began at the table number 8. Maxim Michelin and Yuliya Izvestnaya, the agents of the company BioMed Nutrition, presented their own product-the intimate cosmetics under the brand ANALOG, and the intimate products DJAGA DJAGA, on the license of the official dealer. The purely natural ingredients, including essential oils, make an advantage of the lubricants by ANALOG. The range covers all-purpose lubricants, a specific lubricant for anal sex, a warming and exciting type, there are also water and silicon-based lubricants. Despite of the common wrapping, their texture, long-lasting slide, a light and pleasant smell made a good impression. A lubricant, designed for intimate care, containing lactic acid, and a more condensed lube for anal fisting were also a hack. The abundance and the variety of intimate cosmetics, offering a specific product for each type of caress, seems to be the company's key trend.

The company ORION, with its two representatives and an interpreter, is at the table number 9. A few collections are offered. A range of vibrators, providing feedback, where the mode of vibration is chosen by the intimate muscles' squeezing. The toys are very nice to touch and make you want to test them. The lust collection includes anal beads and vaginal balls, vibrating prostate and perineum stimulators, a vibro egg, a mini vibrator and a vibrating erection ring. They've got a good-quality material, a velvet-like surface. Every toy is equipped with a function of remote control and USB charging. The Medical silicon DILDO collection is made of water-resistant dildos, with a suction cup, of many colours and shapes. The Power Vibe collection embraces five different vibrators, coloured and moulded ones. What drew our specific attention was the BONDAGE Cotelli Collection, with their thrilling items of different size. They are some magnificent sets of female lingerie, with bondage-like elements. The Smile collection is about high-tech novelties: a glans penis stimulation massager, a vibrator with an impulse function, which can make real frictions and a specific joint product-We-Vibe Smile. In conclusion, we can't help noticing the suck-o-mat, a technological novelty for male masturbation. It is an autonomous sex machine, able to act by itself.

The table number 10 represents the company Seven Creations. The table is all covered with items in lilac and pink. A variety of vibrators, anal plugs, vaginal balls, strap-on sets, mixed up with some timeless classical items. We loved those soft vaginal balls, named duoballs. These are balls covered with a soft silicon shell, supplied with an elastic cord, and the centre of gravity within the balls is shifted. This is a prefect exercise machine for pelvic floor muscles.

The table number 11 is all shiny metallic. A representative of the brand MyStim is talking about his electrical collection. There is unusual excitement around this table, as the bravest ones are testing the strength of the shock stimulation, where a three second exposure seems too long. So they try the Wartenberg Wheel, with its four rows of discharge. Against expectations, it proves to be more spiny than ever. The novelty within this range is the remote management of the electrodes' current thanks to a control panel, in case small telecommuting impulse receivers are connected to the toys. There are twelve stimulation modes, up to eight devices can be connected to the control panel. The variety of the latters is impressive: it comes from ordinary electrodes, self-adhesive to the body, to anal and vaginal stimulators of different size and shape. A forked vaginal stimulator with a power cell, having control buttons on the handle, was a surprise. The same was a chastity belt, with electro stimulator incorporated.

The table number 12. Christian and Valery are showing a French brand of intimate cosmetics, YESforLOV. A stylish package, each item's decoration and the sophisticated showcase stand get one's eye caught at once. At the moment of presentation, a French approach to both style and content is noticeable. So are the high quality of the goods, being at the nexus of medicine and cosmetology, thus, being controlled by both the dermatologists and the gynecologists. The whole group of goods is meant for setting the atmosphere, for creating a beautiful prelude to sex. Here are massage votives and oils, perfumes for private zones, a sparkling powder, an invisible ink pen with a back light to reveal what's written. The scent of a game and anticipation is all around. Then, a variety of lubricants is shown. We can't help noting the Elixir for couples, that boosts sensations. A collection of oral sex gels is worth mentioning. There are ten tastes that are really delicious. In addition, they are supplied with a "sugar" box, that during the caress explodes within the mouth into bubbles, adding to the partner's stimulation.

The following table presents the products by a Korean brand, KOKOS. Here we can find a variety of masturbators and penis nozzles-a whole bunch of nozzles with different surfaces. You will love to hold them in your hands to feel how nice their stuff is. The masturbators are of great variety, from small ones with direct movement inside to big ones, with diverse structure of the internal surface. Then, you can see small figures of girls, bound in different positions, looking very tempting. Two devices, to be incorporated into the big masturbators, shaped as parts of the female body, proved to be a discovery. When switched on, it feels as if the vagina was making rhythmic pulses, squeezing the penis-the sensation similar to that during the female orgasm. Such an imitation comes pretty close to the natural process.

In the intervals, the participants were gathering for the sexshopers' open air conference. A lively dialogue had to do with current issues, related to online cash boxes, banking and payment by installments.