Randal Withers about the brand’s products and ETO

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Here, in the booth of Swiss Navy, as usual, we can see a great number of various lubricants while their quality is well-known among the Russian consumers.


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Is it your first time at this exhibition?

It is another ETO show for us, we are happy they started again. We’ve attended the ETO shows at every opportunity to find a new client possibility and refresh the relationships with some of our old friends. And this has been a great show so far! We look forward to helping the distributors sell more of our products. And we love the way the British have embraced the Swiss Navy name and the brand. It is growing quite nicely here, in the UK now. And we love our UK friends for loving us so much.

I’ve been to the ETO show many times. However, the ETO show was not held for the last two years. So, I was there three years ago and now I am here again to help build the brand and keep the Swiss Navy message growing and thriving in the United Kingdom.

This show is a little smaller than the other shows, but the UK market is not a huge market. The people that are important in this market all are here and they represent it well. And the attitude and the environment here are quite good. Everybody is having a good time.

Right now we have no new products. But later this year I think we’ll have some.

Your previous products are actually very good!

“Keep doing what you do well!” This is our slogan. And people like that. You know, we are very critical about our own products. If we bring a new product, we have to believe in it completely and we must be sure the market is going to accept it.

I’ve heard people who tried Swiss Navy saying they had never felt anything like that-such a long glide!

Yes, we offer long –lasting glide! But remember: the reason why people love us so much is that although the glide is so long, your feelings are good because the product is of the correct consistency so that you can feel the activity. And I think that’s why our consumers embrace the Swiss Navy products and we appreciate them for that!