Nano-Thaifest 2021

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Especially for our portal, Vibroduck of Love shared her impressions.


Text: Vibroduck of Love

Russian version

For a year and a half of “silence” everyone who is into with the industry of adult goods has starved! Such events give a huge boost of energy, inspiration and a sea of knowledge. It was all today (24.05 – ed.) with me, and I am happy that I got to the Nano-Thaifest.

About the organization. Everything took place in a large space in the loft. We must note – it was comfortable. There was a bar, a table with snacks, a huge selection of drinks. The Astkol-Alpha team worked a lot. They were like a big and friendly family. It is very pleasant and comfortable to be in such a society. There was no feeling of pressure and no aggressive selling.

About trainings

Although I'm not my first year in the profession, I always attend Astkol's trainings with great interest. The gorgeous Olga Blinkova spoke about the new products and was a thread between Russia and Brazil, she competently and intelligibly translated the speech of the founder of the Intt cosmetics brand. I liked the whole line, I have been waiting for it for two years!

Marina Pavlova spoke about the new brands that have been presented in Russia for a long time. Pipedream, as always, surprised with realistics. I was also hooked on the new line of lubricants from Mai Attraction. Special thanks for giving everything to try and lick. Like a little girl, I was waiting for another delicious bottle of foreign cosmetics to reach me.

I was also pleased with the KISTOY brand. I'm sure 80% of this brand's toys will be hits. Strong vacuum, cute design and quality assembly are the keys to success.

What also impressed me was the new masturbator from Svakom. Feels like my fingers got a blowjob and it was cool.

(Editor's note: in addition to the above, a new line of lubricants from the Swiss navy brand and new products, including cosmetics for face and body care from Biomed Nutrition, were presented).

Prizes! At the end of the event, there was a drawing of expensive and useful prizes. I missed quite a bit, I won 61 numbers, I had 62. But I was not upset, because absolutely everyone was given boxes with such content that I was screaming for the whole Instagram for half an hour! I got a Phoenix neo by Svakom, a bunch of cosmetics and a surprise card.


I was 100% satisfied. I gained new knowledge, saw new toys and cosmetics, which I was waiting for the most. I am extremely glad that our sphere is developing so rapidly and has enormous potential. Not everything is decided with money, the idea must also live! And in every heart. Thank you, Astkol-Alpha!