Igor Gerasimov (Bathmate):Thai Fest and new launches

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We continue publishing short interviews from Thai Fest. Igor Gerasimov, the ambassador of Bathmate, answered our editor's questions.


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Have you got any novelties?

In February, we have got so called training plugs. These are anal plugs of diverse caliber, they are made of silicone and are meant for beginners. They can be also equipped with a vibro bullet as an option. We made a presentation of them and the audience embraced them quite well. Their retail price is nice, the package includes a powerful vibro bullet, waterproof and rechargeable, so, I think they may arouse some sort of interest on market. 

What else have you got in your current plan? 

We have got some new items under development and I won't disclose the company's secrets at the moment. We are going to have launched a couple of novelties by the end of 2019.

Tell me about yourself, please. How did you end up in the adult industry? How did you join Bathmate? 

I came to Saint Petersburg with a degree in Management. I was looking for a job and came across an ad where a surveillance administrator was required. The ad contained no detailes. When I came to the interview, the employer turned to be a well-known sex shop chain. I took some days to think it over and decided to give it a try. Judging by my professional growth, I have found my niche. After six months, I was offered the training manager position. Since then, I started giving trainings and seminars. I advanced greatly in my career. Shortly after, I got an invitation from Bathmate. I have been working for this company for three years now. And I am pretty happy with the fact. I am unlikely to leave this sphere in future. 

Your face is familiar to the whole country, people know you as the main and the single representative of Bathmate in Russia. 

It is true. I enjoy my job and I am happy to have ended up in this area. 

You are always enthusiastic when talking about this industry, I really enjoy your company. 

Thank you very much! I am really fond of what I do. 

What is your target audience? 

I mostly work with Russian-speaking audience. We also target Ukraine, Kazakhstan and we have plans to expand our coverage. 

It is not your first Thai Fest, is it? What can you say about the new format of the event? 

I prefer this year's format to the previous ones because we have got private rooms and people who come to my trainings are really interested, they have chosen me to be listened to, so their attention is drawn to our brand exclusively.  Thus, we have no regular fuss. When I started giving my first training here, I felt there was something unusual about the thing. I began analysing and  discovered there was no one shouting on the right-hand side, no other group interfering on the left, no turbulent discussion around, I don't have to raise my voice to top the crowd. The people who attended my training course were pleased too. I hope we can go on this way. Of course, it was a bright idea to set a three - hour break between the trainings for both speakers and clients. You know, one can't be well-concentrated after the third consecutive training. One's attention is getting dispersed. Considering this, I find it more effective to give each training separately, with breaks. 

What do you think about your cooperation with "Astkol-Alfa"?

When I joined Bathmate, the company had been cooperating with "Astkol" for a while. So, this collaboration is some sort of heritage. It is ok, I like the employees, I like their business approach, they are quite flexible, I do not hesitate to ask for help whenever I might need it and I know I'll be supported. 

Can you say some words to your consumers in conclusion? 

I hope our portal does attract people from outside the sphere, so here is my message to the whole audience: our brand provides all kind of support as to manufacturing, warranty and exercise course correction when we talk about our basic product. We welcome any sort of feedback, no matter if it's bad or good. We strive to develop and our brand's ultimate goal is keeping our clients satisfied.