Faces of EroExpo-2019

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Breaking News, ladies and gentlemen! A photo gallery has appeared on our site! And the first to get there were photos of the participants of the project “Faces of EroExpo-2019”. Welcome!


For the second year, our portal has been conducting the “Faces of EroExpo” project as part of the exhibition. Its participants are always waiting for great prizes and beautiful photos. Nothing to say here, just enter the gallery and grab your photos! And in the coming days there will appear several hundred photos from the exhibition!

Also, we want to thank all the companies that responded to our offer and provided prizes for the competitions. We showed all the prizes via Instagram story and they are all amazing!

And now, attention, please! Missing people! These persons did not respond to calls on Instagram, let's try to look for them here!

As you remember, each participant had his own unique number, from 1 to 100! A little more than 50 people came to photograph us. And the winning numbers were: 60, 61, 84, 47, 64, 21, 48, 85, 31, 71. And if, among the prospectuses you brought from EroExpo, there is that treasured flyer with this number but you did not recover your gift, then we are looking for you!

Some of the lucky ones took their gifts right at the exhibition and prizes for others are on their way. But there are still 5 people left, and we are in desperate search for them!

Please respond to mail or in social networks asap!


We thank our partner NuArt.Studio for the photos.