EroExpo: Summing Up

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The noises of the exhibition subsided, the stands were dismantled, guests and participants returned to their daily life, but the impressions of these three days will excite all of us for a long time.

Text: Marina Chicheva, Aliona Ryne
Photo: Aliona Ryne, Oksana Kudzhaeva

Russian version

We are happy that the exhibition took place and was a real success. It's great that despite all the restrictions, industry participants were able to see each other live, hug, shake hands, exchange presents and news. In the two years that have passed since the previous exhibition, many new products have appeared, which at last could be taken in hand to assess their potential. Despite the absence of a b2c audience, in our estimation, the exhibition was as crowded as in previous years.

According to information from the project manager Alexander Zilberman, during the exhibition there were from 166 to 253 people at the booths. The number of visitors to the exhibition on the first day – 523 people, on the second – 720 people (of which 392 were new), on the third – 395 (of which 190 were new).

Our booth was right next to the stage this year, so it was simply impossible not to drop in to see the friendly Sexshopers team in bright red T– shirts! Most of the visitors who came to us were the readers of our site and social network accounts for a long time but there were also neophytes to whom we were happy to tell what who we are –, not a store, not a wholesaler, not a manufacturer, but an informational a portal that unites all market participants!

At many booths this year, prize draws were held, and ours was no exception. All three days of the exhibition, we invited those wishing to fill out short questionnaires, and in the evening to take part in a noisy and cheerful event under the slogan “Sexshopers gives away gifts" (this would be absolutely impossible without our partners, about which we write below). We asked each participant of the future drawing to be photographed against the background of the stand in the equipped photo– video zone, and soon we will present you “Faces of EroExpo– 2021” – so different, but united by one love for the industry of adult goods!

Simultaneously with this communication at the stand there was a stream of short interviews with representatives of manufacturers, wholesale companies and stores, as well as bloggers, which ended on the third day of the exhibition with a conversation with its organizers. In total, about 30 interviews were taken, during which we:

– learned that the Russian exhibition is distinguished by a great warmth of communication, a lot of hugs and a general atmosphere of meeting old friends;
– talked about what products are most in demand on the market now;
– asked one unexpected question, the answers to which you will soon hear on our YouTube channel!

But back to the draws. We made a nice noise, friends! We were heard throughout the exhibition and in the conference room too! More than 600 questionnaires were filled in at our stand, and more than 150 people received prizes! And how much fun the competition of sexshop tongue twisters caused! Do you want to continue it on social networks?

Seriously now! We would like to sincerely thank the companies and brands that provided prizes for our giveaways! Without you, nothing would have happened!

– Amor El;
– Arcwave;
– Bad Kitty;
– Bijoux Indiscrets;
– Biomed Nutrition;
– Boners;
– Cottelly;
– Erozone;
– Freedom (soft tampons);
– G-Day;
– GVibe;
– iMix;
– In Time;
– Je Joux;
– Love Store;
– Le Frivole;
– Lelo;
– Lola Games;
– Lora diCarlo;
– Love to Love;
– Lovely Planet;
– Love Store (Lovestor);
– Luxe Condoms;
– MixGliss;
– No Taboo;
– Orgie;
– Orion;
– Penthouse;
– Satisfyer;
– Smile;
– Soho Wellness;
– Svakom;
– Swiss Navy;
– System JO;
– Viotec;
– Vitalis;
– We-Vibe;
– Womanizer;
– Wow Tech Group;
– YESforLOV;
– Andrey. Business for adults;
– Astkol-Alpha;
– Dzhaga– Dzhaga;
– Inspirit Company;
– Kazanova69;
– Under The Skin;
– Pink Rabbit;
– S-Market.

Separate words of gratitude to our partners who supported the Sexshopers project financially in 2021:

– Astkol-Alpha;
– Kazanova69;
– Supplier of Happiness;
– Biomed Nutrition;
– Le Frivole;
– Picanto;
– Wow Tech Group.

Endless gratitude for the comprehensive support of the project of the Supplier of Happiness company and personally to its founder Dmitry Korobitsyn.

For the design of the stand, handouts, beautiful furniture, we thank:

the company “12 floor” and personally Elena Panova;
Kengo company;
“Center for Operative Printing”, Samara.

For the fact that everything took place and went with such success, we thank:

– the organizers of the exhibition are Andrey companies. Business for adults, Bior-Opt, Picanto;
– general sponsor – Satisfyer;
– Main Stage Space;
– the directorate of the exhibition and personally Alexander Zilberman and Sergey Sidorov!

And also, thanks to everyone who took part in the design, production and operation of our stand during the exhibition, as well as to the guests of the Sexshopers stand, those who gave interviews, took pictures for the EroExpo Faces project, took part in the drawing! Thanks to you, our stand was always bright, beautiful, informative, noisy and fun!

Our team really hopes that you were as cool as we were. And we really believe that in a year there will be an exhibition!

See you in 2022!