ETO show: impressions

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On March 10th and 11th, the exhibition of adult goods industry, ETO (Erotic Trade Only), took place in Coventry (Great Britain)


When an ordinary participant is asked a reference to this event, the first word coming to his or her mind is "cozy"! The area is not big, 46 companies are represented here with their stands. Part of these companies is well- known in Russia. Among them, Satisfyer (the General Sponsor), Swiss Navy, MyStim, LoveHoney, Tenga, Gvibe, the WOW Group, merger of We-Vibe and Womanizer. Some companies have not got a stand of their own and are represented on the wholesalers’ stands. These are Shunga, DocJohnson, Nexus and Pipedream. We became familiar to many products through seminars and trainings, still, there are also some novelties. For example, Satisfyer presented their anal chains and vibrating erection rings. The company promises to launch more “hot cakes” up to the opening of Forus in May. All companies on this exhibition tend to target British market, naturally. However, Russia is also given consideration. So, all partners of Astkol-Alfa look forward to ThaiFest that is to be held in Georgia! 

Certainly, there are a lot of manufacturers that are unknown or little-known in Russia, and these firms consider Russian market to be a good perspective, so they strive to enter this market. A very interesting stand was that of Hismith, a company that makes sex machines. There were also many manufacturers of intimate cosmetics, lubricants, stimulant supplements and condoms: Orgie, Cupid Labs and others. 

After a small pause needed for processing the gathered data, we are going to publish a set containing several dozens of interviews with the participants and the organizers of the exhibition. Thus, you will know a bit more about the old friends and make new acquaintances. If you get interested in someone in particular, please, consult the database of the extended editorial portfolio.