Erotic Expo 2017: a participant's eye view

Exhibition , erotic expo , a participant's view

The Exhibition was held in Tyumen in Desember 2017.


The exhibition's first day ran in the working rhythm: the speeches of the manufacturers, the master classes and the showroom' observation took place. In the evening, the participants separated into two groups. The first group went to see the Tyumen city's attractions. The excursion's zest was a genuine, uncensored Russian language, used during the tour. The guests were offered such an excursion for the first time. The rest of the participants took part in a traditional activity for this kind of event-the swimming in Tyumen mineral hot springs. Although many have already visited this place, it is still such a pleasure, so people were reluctant to prefer it to something else.

At night, everybody was taken by bus to their living-the hotel Eurasia, where the guests kept on interacting informally.

The second day's programme started at 10 o'clock, at the office of the "Andrej" company, with Andrej Yeliseev, its head, present. He was talking about the current need for any sex shop to have a website and both the multichannel and the omnichannel networks. He also mentioned his new retail project and his company's new brand, Waname.

After that, enjoying the audience's great interest, the presentations followed: on how to make an offline shop profitable and how to promote an online shop in the web.

The master classes took place, and the stories about the exhibition host company's brands were told.

Then, everybody was taken to the hotel to get ready for the evening meeting. The beauty salon was overcrowded by women eager to have their nails done and their hair arranged in gala style. At half past six, the guests, with their evening gowns and smokings on, were taken to a luxury ballroom by several buses. At the entrance, the guests were saluted with a fire show. This year, the party programme has been spectacular:

the shows of international-level dance groups, the laser show, the performance of an illusionist, the drummers' show, and the Russian team of break dance. The showing of new, tempting collections by Anise and Passion are worth mentioning apart. 

During the breaks, the guests were offered delicious food and beverages. By tradition, everybody was granted certificates, according to their position:
- the bronze certificate (a startup, with up to one million-rouble annual turnover);
- the silver certificate (with up to 2 million-rouble annual turnover);
- the golden certificate (with up to 6 million-rouble turnover);
- the black certificate (with the annual turnover of six million roubles and beyond).

Then, the certificates were awarded to the suppliers and the members of the travelling club, "Atas", celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

But, still, the guests were surprised with the prize lottery from the vendors and the Event's managers. The Softline company awarded Andrej Yeliseev with a diploma for having been chosen the best Russian distributor of the year 2017. The guests were given prizes from Svakom, the toy kits from Toyfa, Erotist and others; the buying certificates and a set of souvenirs from the "Atas" club were distributed. Among the gifts, there were two grand prizes, in a form of 20 and 50-thousand satin bonuses, which one can use for paying off the trip expenses while travelling with the club.

The party went on, with the concert of the band "Clito-Rock", starring the employees of "Andrej", together with their chief as the drummer. The first piece they sang, was the company's anthem, and then, a programme of songs and dancing began, which lasted until dawn.