eroFame – day one

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The first day of the largest European exhibition of the adult goods industry, EroFame 2019 is over. Manufacturers, distributors, and representatives of retail stores from around the world came to the exhibition.


© Aliona Ryne

Our first impression – this is the largest exhibition we have ever visited. Our correspondent noticed general trends in the development of the industry. Manufacturers try to make toys more intuitive, equip them with remote access capabilities, everyone is committed to interactivity. Future comes into our lives. Many companies create their own mobile applications that allow them not only to control their own toys and toys of their partner, but also get acquainted with other people, talk in a general chat, make video calls.

The exhibition presents many new products. Satisfyer has shown updated versions of its best–sellers, many completely new toys and a mobile application that will be available in a month.

The representative of Orion spoke about the release of an improved version of a Suck-O-Mat, the blowjob simulator.

Changes were made as a result of testing by users. In addition, Orion presents an absolute novelty – VibePad. This toy is really something new. Just sit on it and take pleasure.

The company also introduced new lines of premium lingerie with size range from XS to 4XL.

Tenga brought to Hannover new products under the Iroha brand. These are premium quality toys made in an incredible Japanese design. Previously known vibrators of this brand are now available in larger sizes and new Christmas colors (see the slider!).

System Jo introduced brand new lubricants. One of them is a lubricant for couples and has a completely different effect on men and women, which allows you to "adjust to each other's pace" and increases the possibilities for simultaneous orgasm. New anal sex lubricant is released in two versions – odorless and with the smell of products from genuine expensive leather. We believe this will be a bestseller.

Shunga also talked about its new products. These are lubricants and massage oils with new fragrances. In addition, a new set, the collection of very sweet tastes is about to be released. This series will be out somewhere at the beginning of 2020.

Orgie now has a new vegan lubricant in stock.

CalExotics also showed its new products, in particular, of its premium brand Pave.

We will tell more about these and other manufacturers in a series of interviews taken at the exhibition.

Tomorrow is the second day, stay tuned!

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