2.8 seconds: what was it?

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“Bed Assistant” and her test drive toys with the telling name “Insatiable G”. Spoiler alert: G is really lucky here!

Text and photo: Bed Assistant

Russian version

The toy from the CalExotics brand is a variation of the rabbit vibrator, but has a twist in the form of an inflating vaginal appendage. The inflation function has four modes – low, medium, maximum and pulsating.

The function, I must say, is very interesting and pleasant: periodic rhythmic pressing on the G zone stimulates her like a very sensitive lover.

Also, the toy is equipped with seven classic vibration modes – from slow to ultra-fast continuous vibration (three options), gradual increase, short long and frequent vibrations (two options), alternation of short and continuous vibrations (two more options).

The Insatiable G is switched on by long pressing the on / off button, and then it is adjusted with a separate button. (The modes go in a circle, so you can only go back to the previous one by trying all the modes in turn). A pleasant function – suspension of vibration, the toy is in standby mode and turns on by one short press of the power button. It is convenient if, say, during oral sex you want additional stimulation without waiting for switching on and setting the mode.

I also consider the independent inflating of the vaginal process to stimulate G as another pleasant function – it's nice to play with the modes, feeling the stimulation only inside the body without distracting attention to the clitoris.

According to the manufacturer's information, the toy will work at maximum power for 40 minutes, at minimum – 100 minutes, it will take two hours to fully charge, but not a word has been said about the standby mode. However, my copy is exactly one week from the first start with periodic use, and the motor is still working for the whole.

The toy is packed in a box made of thick cardboard, inside there is a tight wardrobe trunk (protection during transportation), a charger and instructions for the user.

What pleased me especially was the manufacturer's detailed explanations of how to store and care for the toy, what to do with simultaneous anal and vaginal use, and the information about the use of other toys of the company was correctly reported. In short, everything that falls under the definition of “sex education”. Special thanks!

But it sad that there was no bag in the kit for later storing the toy. It's good that I have my own, but I would not recommend storing the device in a box – it smells sharply, and the smell does not disappear even after a day on the balcony. The toy quickly picks up this smell, apparently because it is made of soft silicone.

I was glad that the material of the toy is very delicate and velvety, pleasant to the body anywhere. But the fact that the toy is NOT waterproof – upset. The air release valve is located on the side opposite to the clitoral process and is not at all protected from water ingress, as the manufacturer directly indicates.

And now impressions.

This is my first rabbit and, perhaps, out of habit, or maybe from the competent work of CalExotic engineers, but I experienced my first orgasm in 2.8 seconds! And I'm not even exaggerating – being an unbiased tester, I turned on the timer, and you know how long a second lasts, if you ever stood in the bar.

2.8 seconds is an absolute record in my masturbatory practice and, perhaps, I became biased, so the toy settled tightly on my bedside table.

Judge for yourself: the length of the vaginal process exactly corresponds to the height of my G zone (its location is individual, although it varies between 3 and 5 cm from the entrance to the vagina), the vibration is strong and powerful enough, which is great both for actually achieving orgasm and for the practice of transferring orgasm from the clitoris to the vagina (for those who cannot experience an orgasm from vaginal penetration - recommended). And, although the power of vibration can cause controversy in quality, its total power is sufficient to feel and achieve such an elusive squirt!

Yes, I dubbed the toy “personal squirtologist” and “multi-orgasmator”, because even when used with a partner, it does not allow you to roll back to a state of complete relaxation and quickly brings you to a new orgasm.

The verdict is 5/5. I recommend the toy for purchase for personal use, for a gift to a friend and for revealing the boundaries of sexual perception in a couple.

In addition, she has every chance of becoming your personal sex therapist and will help to reveal the sensuality of the G zone, followed by an orgasm from vaginal stimulation (in the common people – vaginal orgasm).

A good investment.