EroExpo: third day

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We will tell you how the final day of the exhibition went and continue to acquaint you with the novelties brought by the company.

Russian version


At EroExpo, the company fully presented the Pjur line of intimate cosmetics: fr om the classic line to the Med line. In addition, the brand introduced Pjur Cult, a latex garment care and donning product. And for Picanto sex shops they brought promotional materials on the design of showcases and stands with products.

A novelty – their own personal care cosmetics Picanto, more focused on the mass market. These cosmetics have a completely natural composition, biodegradable packaging, cosmetics have not been tested on animals. And for erotic pleasure in this line there are four types of massage candles.


A huge number of new products were presented at the stand of the wholesale company! Most of them were available at wholesale prices, so by the third day the shelves were already half empty. Representatives of many brands personally came to the exhibition to tell first-hand about new products in Russian and English.

The record holder for new devices was probably the Wow Tech Group (Lovehoney Group – the new brand name after the merger with Lovehoney – ed.). The beloved vacuum cleaner has received an upgrade and now the Womanizer Premium is available in new colors. Men will be pleased with the We-Vibe Bond erection vibrating ring, its trick is that it can be easily removed due to the magnetic lock. The ring can be used for wearing, there is also an ins ert that allows you to increase the girth of the ring if the original size is too small. But the biggest hit is the unique futuristic Orctan masturbator from the inventor of the Womanizer. Made in the form of a game joystick, it is very easy to operate. The masturbator is equipped with two rollers and patented massage technology with 9 programs: each roller can rotate independently. Thanks to the articulated design, a slight change in inclination allows you to simulate a variety of effects from oral caress to anal penetration. The gentle silicone massage rollers are easy to remove and clean.

Thanks to the merger of the Wow Tech Group with Lovehoney, Happy Rabbit toys and the Fifty Shades of Gray brand are now available at Kazanova69.

A lot of sex toys presented at the stand of the wholesale company are aimed not only at male pleasure, but in general are aimed at making men much more loyal to some devices. For example, the new Nexus prostate massagers: Beat – with a point pulsating stimulation of the prostate and Simul8 with rotation and an erection ring for the penis and scrotum. According to representatives of Kazanova69, such devices will bring the process of intimacy to a new emotional level.

Male extender brand MaleEdge has upd ated its packaging design, demonstrating that the audience of such devices is young people and people who are fond of sports. The emphasis is on the fact that the desire to use an extender is also an element of modern lifestyle.

Kiiroo have expanded their line of masturbators that plug in to Keon. The same brand produced the Lumen backlit butt plug, which can be controlled not only from the phone, but also through the Apple Watch. New masturbators were also presented by the famous Japanese brand: Tenga Premium, with more lubrication and improved relief, and Tenga Spinner Cool Edition. Their own brand Iroha brought something completely unimaginable to the exhibition: a fantastic waterproof, illuminated vibrating egg Iroha Ukidama and a disposable gentle clitoris stimulator made of an aqueous gel that melts during use, Iroha Petit.

Orion presented a new collection of Emerald Love toys in an unusual color for sex toys. Surprisingly, the collection looks very stylish and is very affordable.

Bijoux Indiscrets booth attracted girls with its accessories, but in addition to harnesses, body jewelry and nipples, the company also showed the audience a natural-based liquid vibrator for a sensitive clitoris and oil with a shimmer.

 In the near future, the wholesale company expects to expand the MyStim assortment, and Kazanova69 now sell the entire line of YESforLOV cosmetics, which the manufacturers personally presented at the exhibition.

Andrey. Business for adults

The company, which has already celebrated 30 years in the adult business this year, has presented both new third-party brands and its own developments at EroExpo.

Among its own brands, the company “Andrey. Business for Adults” showed the audience “light BDSM” in the Anonymo brand – everything to start their acquaintance with this world of pleasure on the verge of pain. Realistic dildos with marshmallow colors and textures and hilarious neon butt plugs from Beyond delighted the eye. There were also presented portable sex machines with a heating function MotoLovers: Sekster in a stylish tube, in which it is impossible to guess the purpose of a hidden device, and F*ckBag – a sex machine that can be easily disguised as a bright handbag.

 Among the brands with which the company works, an absolute novelty that arrived immediately at the exhibition is Secret Play edible cosmetics. They offer edible body powder, edible paint, and edible lubricants, including those flavored with alcoholic beverages (beer, sangria, and gin and tonic). All Orgie hits, including Orgie Bio natural skin care oils and intimate gels, were also exhibited at the company's booth.

Bioritm (Biorhythm)

 The Bioritm Laboratory had one of the largest stands, wh ere the audience was constantly present. Since the company is one of the organizers of EroExpo, they presented their main novelties to all guests of the exhibition: the guest package included a whole se t, including the exciting Cosmo Vibro lubricant, a couple of samples of their new lubricant for anal sex Pro Anal, intimate gel for women to moisturize the mucous membranes Intim Health and Long Time Prolonger Cream for Men. Almost all of their products were displayed at the company's stand, including a recent development – Tutti Frutti oral lubricants with a taste of fresh currant and sweet barberry

 Perfume Prestige

 The Russian company, a manufacturer of cosmetics with pheromones, recently moved its production from Europe to the Moscow region, and now it has become easier to control the quality of products. The brand recently re-released its most popular cosmetics, SexyLife, releasing its favorite fragrances in the form of eau de parfum with pheromones. Another novelty is the Natural Instinct line of eau de parfum with pheromones in discreet packaging, very close in style to niche perfumery.

 By the way, as a representative of the brand said, they regularly send their products to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates.

Egida (Aegis)

 At the company's stand were displayed massage candles and massage tiles, lip balms with a cooling effect and this season's hit – body balm with shimmer. But their main novelty, which was presented so far only in the photographs in the booklet, is openwork carved leather underwear under the Scenario brand!

 Of course, we could not mention all the stands in our short reviews, although each of them deserves a separate article, so many interesting things were presented! But it's easy to fix! Colleagues, send stories about the new products that you presented, and photos of your stands, and we will gladly publish them!

And on the third day, the conference continued, and we held, perhaps, the longest and the noisiest lottery in all three days! Our thanks to everyone who provided prizes will be in the final article on the exhibition.