A tour of Biomed Nutrition production site

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How does the production of intimate cosmetics work in Russia? Our correspondents managed to personally observe this.


Text: Alena Rain

Photo and video: NuArt Studio

Russian version

On a warm summer day, the Sexshopers team went on an excursion to the city of Chekhov, near Moscow, where the production site of the Russian intimate cosmetics Biomed Nutrition is located. An old building in the very center of the city. We get to the 5th floor by a long and not very presentable staircase and find ourselves in a completely different world: cozy and modern. At the entrance – a bin with shoe covers for visitors, while the participants in the production themselves wear funny change shoes. General Director Maxim Kalyatin and his deputy Yulia Isachenkova warmly welcome us. These two are a great example of how it is possible to evolve from dreamers into successful businessmen in a few years.

“I just wanted to come up with my own product,” says Maxim, “and not only invent it, but also bring it to the market, make it affordable and recognizable. To make it possible to proudly say that this cosmetic is produced in Russia.”

In the so-called clean zone (the sacred place of any cosmetic production) – unconditional sterility. To be honest, we tried to persuade Maxim and Yulia to enter the clean area just like that, without special equipment, but we failed. We put on a disposable robe, a hair cover, shoe covers.

“We monitor the cleanliness very carefully, cleaning in the clean area is done not just every day, but twice a day, and of course, you can't just go here without dressing in clean”, says Yulia.

Once there was an old sewing workshop, a large photo album fully illustrates all the work that the Biomed Nutrition team did. The design, redevelopment and decoration – they did everything themselves. Now there is a cozy kitchenette, two workshops, a warehouse, and even a shower room for employees.

Cosmetics are produced in a semi-automatic mode, and the product undergoes strict quality control during filling and packaging. After that, the products are ethicized, cellophane and sent to the warehouse. And already from the warehouse – to distant and close points on the map. Since last year Biomed Nutrition has been working not only with Russian, but also with foreign companies. This became possible after the eroFame-2019 Hanover exhibition. Foreign customers liked the brand's products, and the company entered the international level.

In September, Biomed Nutrition unveiled a new line of cocktail lubricants and its proven products underwent a rebranding.

“We have ambitious plans,” says Maxim Kalyatin, “to at least conquer the world!”

We wish them good luck, because luck loves the brave, and these guys, in our opinion, certainly have the necessary courage and common sense to take their place among the world's manufacturers of intimate cosmetics.

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