A participant's view: ero-Fame-2017

exhibition , Germany , erofame , b2b

ЕroFame-2017 was held in Hannover (Germany).


This year, the most vivid impression of the exhibition is related to a variety of novelties, using the principles of virtual reality. Yet, in the recent years, the major trend among the sex toys has been the possibility of managing them from a smartphone, here, at EroFame-2017, the biggest attention has been drawn to the items that recreate real sensations, as exactly as possible. One can enjoy some surrealistic sex dolls at a more available price, as well as innovative male masturbators, that are designed to transmit such parametres as temperature, pressure and humidity with higher precision.

We are glad to see the project ToyFa from a Russian company "Andrej" to be an exhibition's participant. They are intensively selling their brands (A-toys, Wanna and others) all over the world. It is their second time on the exhibition. The company FTLondon (FunToys) has caught our attention too, their goods are presented on a golden pedestal, in the middle of the stand of SCALA, the major European distributor.

Unfortunately, it seems that this year the number of the participants has decreased. A variety of big companies, who have always taken part in eroFame, such as Tonga, Lelo, Fun Factory, are absent now. However, the general impression of the exposition is fantastic!

Every participant has been given a present from Statisfire. The amount of the participants from Russia is growing-at the exhibition's final party, Octoberfest, our compatriots have occupied several tables.

Still, the new relations among the participants and the useful communication to the old friends and business colleagues is the major outcome.