The new regulation of Russian Post

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An updated version of the postal service regulation came into force.


Two months ago, our website reported on an experiment held in Moscow's nine post offices of Russian Post. The test implied the possibility of receiving postal mailings without the necessity to show the passport, with the electronic signature only.

The results proved successful, so it is now officially stated in the postal service regulation that a client can refuse to receive paper notifications, using any of those modern notification services instead, such as sms, the mobile application's push notifications or e-mails. Besides, at present, there is no necessity for an addressee to either show an identity paper in order to confirm their identity or to fill a typical form. To avoid it, new ways have emerged. However, all comers are in their right to follow the former ways of getting notifications and confirming their identity, both will be valid.

At the offices of Russian Post in Moscow and the Moscow region, those mailings that are not to be paid can be received by the clients using the electronic signature only. It allows to reduce the term of getting the postal mailings at the post office by five times. It also allows to give up filling paper forms. The new service is free and is provided on the basis of the registration form to be filled in the post office. Once the client creates this form, he or she never needs to fill any paper notice.

Another important change in the work of the post offices is that the storage term of the packages is reduced down to 15 days. This innovation does not refer to postal orders and written correspondence, including small packages. They will be still held for 30 days. The storage time reduction of the big postal mailings will allow to improve the storage zone' usage, while the time spent on receiving mailings will be reduced.

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