Sex during Travels

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Find out how to transport a sex toy on an airplane without arousing unnecessary interest from border guards from the advice of blogger Maria Chesnokova.

 Text and photo: Maria Chesnokova

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 I travel a lot and always take my favorite devices and everything I need for sex and masturbation with me. The key to a happy sex life is high-quality preparation, because it is not always in another city or country that you can easily find a lubricant that suits you, tampons for sex and hygiene products.

 And of course, it is better to buy everything fr om a set of essentials for sex or to look after yourself a brand new toy in advance.

 What to take with you first:
– condoms (can be of different sizes and brands), and if you fly to hot countries, it is better to take polyurethane (latex do not like high temperatures);
– latex gloves for fingering and handjobs (useful with new partners, at sex parties) and latex napkins for cunnilingus (can be made fr om condoms);
– lubricants in a sachet or in a travel version, especially if you only carry hand luggage;
– everything for hygiene: wet wipes, chlorhexidine (to treat your hands after changing partners or the surface on which you sit);
– you can grab a small bottle of cleaner - it can handle toys, the body and everything around, because it is universal and can even replace chlorhexidine;
– tampons for sex “Freedom”: with them you can completely forget about planning trips depending on the cycle - it is convenient to have sex, and swim, and visit the spa and other water activities;
– a favorite toy (I carry several with me, for example, a small vacuum cleaner, a vibro-bullet and a mini-vibrator that is attached to the underwear).

How to safely transport a toy on an airplane?

Now I'll tell you about how to transport a toy on an airplane, avoiding awkward situations and delays. Flying with toys in a suitcase or hand luggage is a whole quest if you don't know a few important rules.

 1. First of all, make sure that the toys are allowed to be brought into the country wh ere you are going. Googling for ten minutes - and you will save a lot of nerves and money. But in most countries, it is normal and legal to take toys with you. Of those wh ere it is definitely illegal to import: Thailand, UAE, Maldives, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

 2. It is better to transport toys in a suitcase, they are rarely examined:
– if the toy has batteries, remove them;
– cool if there is a travel lock toy – be sure to turn it on;
– if not, discharge the toy completely, otherwise it may vibrate in the suitcase (the toys, however, very easily turn on themselves), and the security service cannot ignore this.

3. The second option is to carry it in hand luggage: this way the toy will definitely not be damaged. But here, on the contrary, I do not recommend “planting” the toy, because you may be asked to turn it on to make sure that this device is safe. It is better to put a toy in a hand luggage in a transparent zip-bag: if the border guard takes out the toy, then at least he will not touch it with his own hands.

4. Always answer questions honestly, border guards do not like jokes. “This is my vibrator / massager” – that's all. In fact, the security service does not care about the sexual preferences of passengers; they only care about explosives and weapons. The sooner you explain that these are your sex toys, the sooner you will be released.

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