Russian Post: get your mail without passport

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The following piece of news can cause a significant effect on the delivery logistics to the remote purchasers.


In the last five months, in the capital's nine offices of Russian Post, a new service has been tested: the delivery of the pieces of mail, requiring the electronic signature only, without the necessity to fill any receipt. 'The measurements have shown the work is done up to five times faster', said Sergey Malyshev, the deputy Director-General for the mailing service business. To date, this kind of new practice has been introduced in all post offices of Moscow.

To use this new service, a client needs to go through a registration procedure in the post office only once, showing his or her passport and filling in a form, indicating their passport data and the mobile telephone number. After this, once the registered letters or packages come to the post office, the addressee will receive a short text message, containing the code, he or she has to use for obtaining the mail. In the second quarter of 2018, the new service coverage will include the rest of Russia's regions.

At the moment, the largest share of all the mail is comprised of the deliveries of goods from several online shops. They are often small packages, received several ones at the same time. The lack of necessity for filling paper forms for every mail makes the client service simplier, while the delivery is faster. The Russian Post's representatives consider the service to be of high demand in future, nowadays, it is common practice for the clients to follow the delivery stages on their smart phone and to use it at the moment of asking for information about the shipments' delivery. Note, that those people who feel more confortable following the traditional practice, can receive their deliveries the way they used to do-with paper notifications.

On evidence from Kommersant newspaper.