How Adult Business Goes Online

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Trainings in the format of webinars for sellers, online conferences with business representatives, workshops and free spicy thematic trainings, and even Kinky Party online – the adult industry is trying to adapt to the current conditions.


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The first to redirect their efforts online as much as possible were stores. In part, it’s a little easier for them, since some generally work only on the net, and those who had offline stores are now actively attracting the audience to their sites or social network pages. Some went even further. For example, “Kazanova 69” company launched the project “Shop at home”: sellers during a personal video conference show the products, answer all questions of customers, help navigate among many brands and devices. In general, all the same communication as in the store, only you can’t touch the toy you like.

The company “Andrei – Business for Adults” launched the #intimatequarantine campaign, in which their specialists regularly post reviews on products, photos and videos on the brand’s website and social networks and also answer questions. Adult market players may use this information to promote their stores. This informational support is organized in order to help our colleagues in difficult times.

By the way, to the development of online trading in the 18+ segment was the subject a separate online conference “Ecom: here and now. Products for adults” which was organized as the part of the project “UPGRADE – events for growth”, where the representatives of the “Supplier of Happiness” as well as those of and talked about how things are in the market and how players are preparing for possible scenarios.

“Offline activities have now stopped completely, and I want to help this industry, as many people are involved in this area. The online it's pretty stable, and market-places has been a steady growth in relation to seasonal demand. Our plans are aimed at maximum stabilization of the company’s work in the event of the introduction of even stronger restrictions: we are actively expanding our stocks, if they suddenly introduce full quarantine, we even rented several rooms in the hotel near the warehouse – we provide complete infrastructure so that we can work with any situation”, said Dmitry Korobitsyn, the General Manager of the “Supplier of Happiness” company, at the conference.

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To support business owners and sellers, many companies conduct regular webinars fr om manufacturers of adult products, where they talk not only about the advantages of brands and their new products, but also about how best to sell certain devices online.

Thus, the FORUS-online project, the goal of which is for business owners and store employees to gain new knowledge even during self-isolation, plans to hold a series of training webinars for retail partners. For those who cannot join, videos will be available later on the project’s website.

"Astkol Alpha" on its YouTube-channel holds weekly webinars with representatives of various brands. In addition to product reviews and advice on working with objections during sales, the guests also answer questions from viewers. By the way, the author of the best question receives a gift. You can follow the announcements in the Instagram account of the company.

The company “Kazanova 69” conducts live broadcasts on the YouTube channel (a Google account is required to confirm the age of 18+ on YouTube), during which the b2b audience can receive valuable information about new products and features of sales online either from the hosts themselves or from the guests – representatives of manufacturers. You can follow the announcements in the Instagram story of our account.

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Training centers also began to actively develop during self-isolation and in order to attract customers or retain existing ones, as a rule, they all organize various actions. The training center "Kazanova 69" gives a tangible discount for the wholesale purchase of webinars. Also the company's trainers organized a private club, wh ere for a certain price a month you can undergo training on any topic you want.

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The training center “СЕКС.РФ” regularly arranges discounts on existing webinars, as well as organizes relevant trainings, for example, “Quarantine as a honeymoon”, “Sexual boredom”, “Acquaintance online” or “Sex against panic”. According to the trainers, these and many other webinars of the center will help not only to survive quarantine, but also to discover new facets of pleasure in general.

By the way, the “Museum about IT” began to conduct online workshops. Previously, they organized regular face-to-face classes, for example, in shibari, but they also reorganized their activity according to the reality and conducted a similar online masterclass. Online tours of the museum for adults now also take place.

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Coffee18+, the adult coffee shop, went online: in addition to selling takeaway coffee (disposable masks and sanitizers are sold right there along with coffee), coffee with aphrodisiacs is available for online ordering with home delivery.

Even Kinky Party has gone online. The first online party was announced in 4K format with broadcast from different cameras, but the next one was announced in a simpler Zoom format. “For the first time, you will not have to bother with filling out an application and preparing a costume in order to get a life-changing experience. You can participate in the Kinky Party without getting off the couch!" – say the organizers. How this format will differ from watching adult films is not yet clear.

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Those who previously worked online, for example, the famous adult films portal, went even further. They unexpectedly released a project that needs to be watched by the whole family, as the creators assure. shows how to wash and handle your hands properly in order to protect against the coronavirus. Truly, the video captions are made in the style of the original site, however, well-known adult film actors wash their hands on the camer. will continue to monitor how the market for adult products is changing during self-isolation in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19.

And we turn to market companies: if you have planned online events, write to us, we will tell everybody about it on our website and in our social network pages.