YesForLov, a French quality mark

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The brand’s agents, Valérie Palmeri and Christian Palix are a couple with some Parisian charm about them. Their products are meant to bring some beauty and romance into one’s life.


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Could you please tell me about the concept of the brand YesForLove?

This is a Parisian trademark born 12 years ago. I am very interested in cosmetics and perfume, I have been working with them for ages. The word “parfum”, in French, has to do with eroticism, sensuality, there is a close relation between “parfum” and sensual cosmetics. We have never been related to the world of sex toys as we originated within the field of perfume and sensual fragrances.

Do you like the format of this particular event? It is not your first time here, is it? Do you feel comfortable about its organization?

A lot of brand ambassadors are here today, more than a hundred people. It is your experience, your vision on one side while we are on the other. There is a strong connection between us, such a beautiful love story. This format allows us to establish a relation and start falling in love.

Could you say some words about your cooperation with “Astkol-Alfa”, please? Are you content with this partnership?

Every time we arrive at a new territory, we need a distributor able to work with clients, to arrange the whole thing. In this perspective, “Astkol” is a wonderful partner who has helped us to found our niche on Russian market.

What could you say to the customers who opt for your brand?

As we can see, people are getting more concerned about the ingredients and they search for high-quality goods actually. One shouldn’t forget that the intimate zones and the mucous membrane are something one should seriously take care of. No jokes about it! People grow far more demanding as for the quality, therefore the market is going to be concentrated on this aspect, it is going to pay more attention towards advanced innovative formulas and attach more importance to the most sensitive zones and their care. Mind the ingredients used for the cosmetics, make sure you have chosen a premium-quality product!