USA – Russia. Sexperts talk

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Watch the meeting of sexperts from the USA and Russia on our Instagram account next Tuesday. We will talk about similarities and differences of approach to sex in these countries.


Russian version

In the epoch past this event would be called “a telebridge” over the ocean. Nowadays all is much easier. Instagram, live broadcast, two sexperts, real talk. All talks will be translated real-time for all to be comfortable.

Who are the sexperts?

Fr om Russian side there will be Tatiana Zagorovskaya, a sex psychologist, the author of the book “Sweet Life” (how to live happily with a diabetes), 6 years of working experience.

From the USA there will be Lulu Batista, a qualified sexpert and the owner of “The Lulu’s CherryBox” shop in Brooklin, New York.

What are the talks about?

We will talk about sex of course, discuss differences and similarities in culture, education, attitude towards sex. In particular we will try to touch upon sexual education, taboos and typical problems that people come by.

When and wh ere?

August 10 2021 (Tuesday), 12:00 (Noon, EST) live broadcast at Instagram @sexshopers.

Do you want to peep over the ocean?