Tie me up gently

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Visitors to the erotic museum were introduced to the Japanese art of shibari binding.


© Ekaterina Nikolaeva

Russian version

On Friday, March 13, the “Museum of It” held a practical workshop on the Japanese art of binding: a shibari-artist Dmitry Schneider was showing and the guests were following what he was doing under his strict guidance. Among the guests were both those familiar with the art of bondage, and those who learned about this practice for the first time.

The theory part was small: the rope should only be made from natural materials and correctly processed, it should be at least 8 meters long, 6-8 mm thick (the thinner the skin, the thicker the rope), and most importantly, everything should be by mutual agreement.

The main emphasis on the master-class was placed on the erotic-aesthetic aspect: bondage is beautiful, especially on a naked female body, bondage is about trust between partners and the ability to feel each other, bondage is an interesting prelude. Especially if after binding you start using various devices and diving deeper into the topic of BDSM: electrical stimulation, liquid vibrators, vacuum-wave clitoral stimulants or vibrators such as wands (for their convenient fixation, a special strapping was separately shown).

And also shibari is about creativity. After getting acquainted with the basic principles of bondage, there was a separate block about creativity, during which visitors created literally masterpieces from jute ropes and the bodies of their companions (we already wrote in the Museum about IT the events are worth visiting).

“We conduct such workshops in our museum regularly. Our goal is erotic and cultural enlightenment. We just want to show that there is nothing scary or shameful in the BDSM, on the contrary, it has its own traditions, its own story, it is nice, aesthetically pleasing and interesting. Shibari or BDSM can help strengthen relations, bring them to a new level, and develop trust between partners. We strive to show not external tinsel, but an element of family psychotherapy”, said Andrei Kon, the director of the Museum about IT.

The museum publishes announcements of its events in its social network accounts. We also often inform our readers about them.

Our correspondent, along with the bondage-artist Dmitry Schneider, recorded that Shibari master-class. A couple of swings with a rope – and you get an original accessory for clothes or something more. Watch the video and do not forget to scroll through the slider for illustrations of what was happening at the master-class.

All the photos were provided by the Museum about IT.