The company Andrey welcomes everybody in the mountains

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ATAC, the adult travelers’ club is inviting its members to join another adventure in the mountains.


It is the twelfth time the club ATAC (Andrey Travel Adult Club), with the adult industry' representatives as its members, intends to set off to the mountains. Since the club was established in 2012, its members have been striving to combine these enjoyable trips with non-formal communication among the business colleagues in order to boost their development and exchange their experience.

This time, the participants are invited to go to the Dolomite Alps, the favorite place for all the downhill skiers and the biggest skiing region in the world. This is one of the most beautiful mountain chains worldwide and it has got 12 skiing resorts. The travelers will be able to visit the famous Marmolada-the highest mountain wall of the Dolomite Alps, reaching the height of 3.342 meters. At the time of the World War 1, people fought there, nowadays this is an open-air museum that welcomes the lovers of all winter spots. At the height of 3265 meters, Punta Rocca, the panoramic terrace, is located, offering views of the surrounding mountains. Here, the endless twelve-kilometer-long ski route, Bellunese, starts.

The participants will stay in Val di Fassa, Canazei village, suitable for active leisure. The trip is scheduled for March, from 2nd to 9th, 2019. For more details, please, go to the club's official website.