Sexshopers goes to EroExpo!

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We share our plans and invite you to visit our stand E-03.


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The long-awaited exhibition is getting closer, and we are ready to tell you about some of our plans for those three days in October.

Let's start with the fact that our stand will be positioned right next to the main stage, so you simply won't miss it, and we are very happy about that! After all, it is vitally important for the information partner of the event to communicate with everyone who comes to the exhibition.

For the third time, we will carry out “The EroExpo Faces Project” in the photo zone at our stand. Everyone who participates will have the opportunity to win one of the many prizes from different brands. And this is the second piece of good news. Every day we will have draws, and there will be not one or two winners, but many – and the exact number you will find out right at the exhibition. Let us whisper to you in confidence that the first bunch of prizes have already arrived and are waiting for the start of the event.

If you prefer live video to a static photo, come to us for a blitz interview, tell us about your impressions, plans and expectations. We will be glad to talk with ambassadors and brand owners, bloggers, representatives of wholesale companies and stores – we are interested in everything! The appointment for the interview is open, write to us.

Another idea of ours is no longer a secret for attentive users of our social networks. We are planning to conduct streams and are waiting for subscribers to our YouTube channel in order for this to become a reality! If we reach a thousand - we will be able to show everyone the exhibition real time!

If you have questions about the work of our portal, or you want to offer us cooperation, or just chat –come up to any person at the stand in a red Sexshopers T-shirt. We are waiting for you!

Sexshopers Team