The Snail Vibe was nominated for XBIZ Europa Awards

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The famous Snail Vibe from Spiritus & Co. was nominated for XBIZ Europa Awards 2020 like Innovative Sex Toy of the Year.

Russian version

“It is a great honor for us! We are certain that we deserve this award for our contribution to the innovation of pleasure items. We encourage you to vote for our nomination for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year to continue growing up in the industry,” a rep enthused.

This vibrator with an unrolling shaft hits the market last year and has received positive reviews fr om bloggers, including those that have been endorsed by Cosmopolitan. On top of the ingenious idea of having a movable clitoral stimulator, which increases the amplitude of stimulation sevenfold, Snail Vibe boasts a whole range of other innovations.

Firstly, the clitoral stimulator is four times more powerful than the one found in most dual action vibrators. That’s right, it’s just as powerful as the one in the wand massager!

Secondly, you can control both motors separately, interchanging between five speeds for each of the five different modes. This adds up to more than 600 vibration combinations!

Thirdly, we have created an interactive online application wh ere you can experience the new product at your fingertips. Rotate and scale the 3D model as you see fit, turn on the virtual sex-toy and feel the vibrations flow through your smartphone.

Moreover, we have developed the first ever kinetic display in order to demonstrate the advantages of dual stimulation on the shelves of sex shops.

According to the press release of the company Spiritus & Co.