SexShopers is going to Shanghai!

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The CHINA ADULT CARE EXPO 2019 is to be opened in less than 2 weeks.


The exhibition is scheduled to take place in the city of Shanghai (China), at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, from the 26th to 28th of April, 2019. This is one of the biggest events within the adult industry. More than three hundred manufacturers take part in the event every year!

Naturally, our website can’t resist having a look at the event! This time, Alina Shikut, a sex blogger, will be our ambassador and a part-time reporter as well! We are looking forward to enjoy nice photos, interesting comments and detailed stories about both the booths and the participants. We’ll be also glad to hear her sharing some impressions of the country and the city!

We wish you a nice trip, Alina!