LUXLITE condoms: update

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So much depends on condoms: safety, comfort, and mood. The LUXLITE company has been providing the barrier protection for many years and regularly pleases fans of the brand with interesting novelties.


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For many years now, you can find LUXLITE products in stores both online and offline. Thanks to its own design and technological developments, the manufacturer produces a wide range of condoms in various price categories and is famous for its play condoms, so beloved by consumers.

The design changes were made to the LUXE exclusive series. The new packaging is laconic and more restrained, the design is focused on demonstrating the product and its features. A wide range of play condoms offer a wide variety of forms to stimulate men, women or both. Each condom has special tendrils or beads on the head to enhance the sensation and pleasure of use.

The new Domino Classic collection of ten different products is already available for purchase. Smooth, textured, ribbed, extra strong, ultra-thin – a wide selection will allow you to find exactly what meets the desires of each specific buyer. In the series there are oversized condoms, condoms with anesthetics, with more lubricant, ribbed and textured at the same time, and also colored: black, purple and gold. Each branded pack contains 6 lubricated latex condoms 180 mm long, 54 mm wide and 0.06 mm thick. The design is made according to the latest trends: a flat pack with multi-colored gradient colors and high-quality printing.

The LUXE ROYAL line of condoms has also expanded the wide range of LUXLITE products on the adult market. There are 10 different types in this collection: smooth, ribbed, textured, oversized. There are condoms that prolong sexual intercourse with anesthetic and condoms with lots of silicone lubricant. Lovers of aromas and visual effects will not stay deprived: they added black condoms to the line, and also flavored ones with strawberry and cherry flavor. Each branded pack contains 3 lubricated latex condoms 180 mm long, 54 mm wide and 0.06 mm thick.

But this is not all. The already famous and popular collection of LUXE condoms in envelopes has changed. Now there are not 15 types, but only 10. The packaging design has also changed: funny, simple and bright, it attracts attention and evokes pleasant emotions. The flashy names are invented with humor, sex is no longer a taboo topic, but a fun experiment, and condoms with different tastes and textures will be great helpers and protectors in the quest for new experiences.

The company said that the previous product was also rethought and revised: more lubricant was added, flavors became richer and brighter, and the overall quality of condoms increased.