Lola Games at ANME / XBIZ

lola games , anme/xbiz 2021

ANME / XBIZ online adult goods industry exhibition was held on July 12-16.


Russian version

For the second year in a row, the ANME / XBIZ virtual exhibition brings together over 100 industry representatives through its own video conferencing platform, with a schedule of face-to-face meetings and interactive stands where distributors from different parts of the world can interact with each other.

This year, the event was attended by the Russian brand Lola Games. In the framework of 21 online meetings, the company representatives managed to share their experience with the largest market players from the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Latin America, as well as acquaint foreign audiences with such original toy collections as Wand, Universe, Marshmallow, Pure passion, MiMi Animals, as well as Natural – winner of the MUSE Creative Awards 2021.

As a result, the event participants noted the individuality and differences of Lola Games products from the established American market, and showed interest in cooperation. According to brand representatives, the ANME / XBIZ exhibition became the starting point for the growth and expansion of the brand's geography.

This press release is the courtesy of the Lola Games brand.