LLC «Biomed Nutrition»: strategic partnership with the market leader

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The Biomed Nutrition company presented a press release about its entry into the ASTKOL group of companies. This was the result of success at the Hannover exhibition and entry into the international market, the result of a two-year partnership. This will give the company funding to expand production and develop new products.


Biomed Nutrition LLC, which produces intimate gels and lubricants in agreement with the ASTKOL Group of Companies announced that the Group of Companies became their shareholders and the strategic partnership expanded. The terms of the deal are not disclosed.

This event was the result of a two-year cooperation between Biomed Nutrition and ASTKOL Group in the areas of joint product development, packaging, branding, analytical and marketing work and joint sales. The culmination of the partnership was the unprecedented demand from the European market that showed during presentation of the Company's products at the exhibition in Hannover in October 9-11, 2019.

ASTKOL Group of Companies as a strategic and financial partner will provide the necessary operational, marketing, human and financial resources that will be directed to the development and production of new articles and their promotion in international markets.

The global adult market is expected to reach $52.7 billion by 2026, with an average annual growth rate of 9.1%, compared with a growth rate of 5.4% of the medical devices market and 5.2% of the cosmetics industry. In Russia the market is ahead of the growth rate of an overwhelming number of industries and exceeded, according to experts and analysts, 5 billion rubles. The industry is characterized by a stable average purchase of 3,000 rubles and the growth rate of the Russian adult goods market exceeds that of the world market by 10-15%.

“The partnership with ASTKOL/Djaga-Djaga Group of Companies is a recognition of the leading position that our young innovative company has taken over three years of work,” said Maxim Kalyatin, the founder and the CEO of Biomed Nutrition LLC. “We carefully studied the history of creation, development and product solutions of leading world manufacturers and we believe that our entry into the market will revolutionize this segment of the industry in all world markets. ”

Leonid Fishman, founder and head of ASTKOL Group of Companies, said: “The strategic partnership with Maxim Kalyatin and his team complements our own production capabilities in Russia, allows us to consolidate our leading positions in the wholesale and retail markets and is an excellent strengthening of the group's product line, which will allow us to be highly competitive suppliers to the global markets of Europe, the USA and, which is especially valuable, China, where the production of these categories is not developed or is absent due to external restrictions”.

Biomed Nutrition LLC, the Russian manufacturer of intimate cosmetics was founded in Moscow in February 2017. The company is one of the most dynamic, innovative and high-tech Russian manufacturing companies in the industry and demonstrates a steep increase in production at its own production facilities in the Moscow Region. The strategic goals of the company are to create the best intimate care products for men and women in the Russian and world markets.

The main priorities of the company are:
– certified products, information support and loyalty to the client and commercial partners;
– high production technology in combination with a careful selection of ingredients, which ensures a high level of quality of goods that bring pleasure;
– monitoring and analysis of the quality of raw materials, active components, essential oils, extracts and the final product, which allows you to create something more than just intimate cosmetics;
– creation of a wide product line that best suits the needs of each customer in accordance with his individual needs.

The Astkol/Djaga-Djaga Group of Companies was founded in 1994 and is one of the leaders in the Russian adult goods market. As of December 2019, the company consists of manufacturing, importing, wholesale, distribution, retail, educational, Internet and media companies. It includes importers, distributors and wholesale companies LLC Astkol-Alpha and LLC FishEro, production groups in Zelenograd, the «Djaga-Djaga » retail chain (28 stores in Moscow and the Moscow region), the annual industry conference "ThaiFest", YouTube channel «ProSack», online sellers school «SexStudy». Key employees and beneficiaries of the Group of Companies are Leonid Fishman, the company founder, and Alexander Green, he head of production and retail trade.

The press release is provided by Biomed Nutrition LLC.