Live trainings by Astkol-Alfa

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The company Astkol-Alfa is announcing live training sessions to be held on their platform every fortnight. The first training is scheduled for the nearest Thursday, January, 17th.


Face-to-face trainings are going to be held for the vendors of different level of expertise indicated in each training’s preview. There will be some webinars also, meant for regional vendors and for knowledge retention as well.

The timetable is still being drafted, the very training program is being tested. However, the Marketing department is working on this, so, within a year, the training sessions' concept will be polished.

Among the presenters, you will meet those leading Marketing and Sales specialists from Astkol-Alfa, but also some brands' representatives, it is also planned to engage some outside trainers. A similar "trial" training session about the products of the company Pipedream, delivered by Steven Sav, the brand's agent, took place in early December.

On January, 17th, 14:00, the company will be waiting for those inscribed for the training about Svakom. Olga Blinkova, the Marketing manager and sex-blogger will act as the trainer.

You can see, touch and test the functioning of almost all sex toys from the range of Svakom. Each participant will be provided with a summary table of both functions and properties of the brand's items. After the training is over, everyone who takes part in, will get a certificate confirming they have completed the session. This particular training is meant for vendors of any level.