Erotic Fantasy bought Rosparfum

erotic fantasy , Rosparfum

LLC “Rosparfum” is the first company on the Russian market selling cosmetics with pheromones.


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As a result of the deal, all deliveries of Rosparfum products will be carried out by Erotic Fantasy, and the products of the perfume brand will become an exclusive offer of the distributor. This will allow Erotic Fantasy to make better deals for customers and adjust prices in favor of customers.

Rosparfum has been on the market since 2002. This is the first company in Russia to offer consumers an exclusive perfumery with pheromones. All brand products have the necessary certificates of conformity and meet all hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological requirements.

The company focuses on the production of perfumes for men and women, odorless pheromone concentrates, as well as cosmetic products with pheromones: shampoos, deodorants, lip glosses and massage oils. The most popular are products from the Desire collection, which includes different categories of goods from perfumes to lubricants.