Rainbow Orgasm from B-Vibe

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Company Erotic Fantasy is a brand new product from B-Vibe – a bright rainbow anal plug Peace & Love the Tie-Dye with the effect of rimming.

Russian version

A limited offer for true fans of anal devices takes us to the 60s, where everything radiated love, peace and sex, and the special coloring of the butt plug spreads positive sexual vibrations (literally and figuratively).

The large set includes 9 items, each of which conveys a special mood. The set includes:
– the premium quality Tie-Dye anal plug with remote control;
– a guide to anal play – in it you will find the best recommendations of the professionals and you can make anal sex only pleasant and orgasmic;
– a bag for storing toys - a stylish bag that is suitable for daily use;
– a set of stickers;
– a fabric patch;
– four icons for attaching to clothes or a bag;
– special edition poster 60 x 90 cm;
– Band Special Edition for bags;
– USB charger.

For loyal fans of pleasure and B-Vibe, this set will become a real joy, and bright colors and attributes will delight with their style, returning the owners of this toy to the 60s, where everyone is free to express love.


1. The vibrations of the anal plug are controlled remotely using a remote control that works at a distance of up to 9 meters.
2. The size of the plug is suitable for confident and even experienced users of anal devices, since the penetrating part of the plug is 12 cm and the diameter is 3.8 cm.
3. The tube has 2 motors. One regulates the overall vibration, and the other controls the balls at the base, creating that very feeling of rimming.
4. The device has 6 intensity levels, 7 rotation patterns and 6 vibration patterns.
5.100% waterproof plug – you can take it to the shower or bathroom.

The peculiarity of this set is its exclusivity! The limited offer allows buyers to own a custom toy that will soon disappear from the market.

The retail price of this pleasure is 21,850 rubles. The warranty is 1 year.

Press release provided by Erotic Fantasy.