Biomed-Nutrition and Dzhaga-Dzhaga

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Maxim Kalyatin, the head of the project and the Director of the intimate cosmetics manufacturing, Biomed-Nutrition, told us about the company, its novelties and their plans for the nearest future.

When we first met, (at ThaiFest-2018, editor’s note) your company acted as a distributor of the brand called Dzhaga-Dzhaga. You also presented a range of your own called Analog that I liked very much. Has anything changed since then?

I’ll try to make things clear in the official way and tell you what we have gained by now, I will define the stage our product has reached and tell you about the manufacturing, our distributors and the plans to arrange our work in the short-term perspective. At the moment, I’ve got a clear idea of what exactly we want to do and what is on demand in the corresponding niche of the market. We are active, we feel energy to reach our goal-to launch our range of intimate cosmetics that is much wider than lubricants only. These are products to let people get closer, feel comfortable, take care of themselves, improve their health and refine their body shape. We pretend to go a bit further, then much further and we won’t stop there, though.

Saying ‘we’, I mean Biomed Nutrition, this is our manufacturing of intimate cosmetics in Russia. We are a fast-developing enterprise, we are opening a new workshop currently. At the same time, we are working with a trademark called Dzhaga-Dzhaga. What I mean is that our manufacturing provides the market with products of both trademarks -Dzhaga-Dzhaga and Biomed Nutrition. The whole range of products you can find under the trademark Dzhaga-Dzhaga is a development of our own, our signature. That’s the agreement in effect, and we are true to it. If everything goes on in such a productive and successful way as nowadays, this cooperation will extend so far. We like to work with Dzhaga-Dzhaga. We trust each other and try to move in the same direction, our interests are very similar.

Do I understand correctly? Dzhaga-Dzhaga is a brand, while the products are manufactured by your company, aren’t they?

Yes, exactly!

How are you doing at the moment? How is your company doing right now?

We’ve recently come back from Saint-Petersburg and we visited Kazan, Voronezh, Nijniy Novgorod before. In the nearest future, we plan to visit Rostov and Samara. We take pains to reach every store and every trader. We come to a place, hold some trainings, tell people more about our products. This activity is something we attach major importance. People selling our items (more than one retail chain) must know why they are different from the similar ones and what are their advantages. We always try to come in the fastest possible way and talk about our products face-to-face, mentioning the product’s curious details, its specific qualities and answer the questions. Once again I stress we make our products of active components, essential oils, natural extracts, free of any artificial colorants and fragrances. We also use additional plant sets, such as betaine, L-arginine, caffeine, allantoin, etc., extracts of many sorts, including aloe vera, maca peruvian, centella asiatic, mauira puama, epimedium, Q10, hyaluronic acid.

That’s why every product within our range is the unique formula of our laboratory and is benignant for human health in this or that way. Here is the improvement of the immune system, the vaginal microflora and other positive effects. A set of natural components is a nice way for personal care, tone up, moisturizing, nutrition and lasting youth of our intimate parts. This proves very important for both women and men.

We have recently drafted two ranges. These are called Miss Tiny and Mr. Big. They are about maintaining and improving blood circulation and hypertonus in men, preventing erectile dysfunction and so on. As for girls, there is a complex of four powerful extracts, added coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid responsible for recovering youth, elasticity, enhancing sensitivity and providing any partner with strong and deep satisfaction. 

I can't help mentioning our new design pattern - Gzhel and Khokhloma. It was a joint idea we drafted together - our team from major league (as I call it) and I. The fact we managed to apply this traditional Russian theme's to our range is as great as surprising. These pieces call for attention and look advantageous on the shelves. This design sends us back to something truly Russian and helps to let people feel more confident about Russian manufacturers! We are proud of our manufacturing. We take pride in the possibility of keeping many people satisfied. We want couples that are going through certain difficulties within their love life get closer to each other and enjoy more sustainability.

To date, our range includes about 38 articles. Among them, there are classical multi-purpose lubricants, UNIVERSAL SEX, the anal collection, ANAL SEX, the vaginal one, called SAFE SEX, a collection with excitement boosting warming effect, HOT SEX, 5 pieces for oral caress, JUICY FRUIT, of different types (Melon, Bailey's, Pina Colada, Multifruit, Coconut), some lubes for fisting, ANAL SEX FIST. By the way, we are at the point of launching a novelty, ANAL SEX FIST GEL, you will hear of it a bit later. For the first time on market, we offer a black lube, BLACK DIAMOND, a healing one, WET ROSE and others. By the end of summer, we plan to increase the number of articles up to 60, launch a range which is to include massage candles and oils. I won't tell you all our secrets, still, I can promise the compositions based on natural oils for nutrition, moisturizing, beauty and youth, that are mostly meant for nice warming slide and sex drive, and the lovely fragrances, more than ten varieties,… will make you feel crazy.

We are going to present two new products for body care very soon. The first one is called Miss White, for dark and age spots lightening. The second one is called Miss Big, for breast augmentation and perfect shape. This is a cream added some extracts and components boosting localized growth of the fatty tissue, thus inducing breast enlargement.

Can these products be announced yet?

I guess so. The product is ready and take through the process of certification.
We convene a creative group and make up something new weekly. We've got long-term plans, the workshop is getting larger, new items are being introduced. We are going to work hard to surprise you. We have been gathering experience for holding seminars on sex, and we are open for new opportunities.

Can you share you impressions of EroExpo, please?

The exhibition proved to be big and cool. It was pleasant to see each other and have a talk, get aware of something new and chat to those who plan a start-up. There are a lot of people who are just entering the niche, showing interest and sound activity. Judging by the number of visitors, I can say the industry is developing. Both the products and their selection are of better quality nowadays. Trainings are held and we can see some companies arranging seminars, lectures and education appear. This activity is of great use, people start getting interested and choose something for themselves without being embarrassed about it. We must thank the organizers and Alexander Zilberman, in particular, for patience and will power he demonstrated. He gave a good and quick response to the entering requests. The exhibition caused big impression!

The New Year is coming soon! What would you say to your industry mates, your consumers and our readers? (Editor's note: This interview was given on December, 25)

Dear users! ;) 

First of all, I would like to wish you good health and happiness in your family and private life. This is something your soul and body need to stay in harmony, something that leads us towards the highest peaks of success. May you all get closer and more affectionate to each other, open new dimension of your relations, full of love and care! 

I am happy to find myself involved in this world and I want to help others, I want to let people enjoy their life to good use!

In this world, I am interested in everything and everyone. I want to share my love with everybody and transmit part of this love to you through my business. I am serious about choosing approaches to my enterprise, I intend to keep on developing. 

I wish you good luck and I wish you could achieve all your targets!